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Horses ride in a fortified Alexandria. Time has passed and the community has grown.

On the porch of Rick's house, Judith paints on a canvas with Michonne. Rick joins them and they laugh together. Quiet music sets a tone to the one who takes it is not used. Elsewhere, Rick, Michonne and Judith watch a flock of birds in a field.

In the sanctuary, Regina chases away the birds. Crops are dying as residents work to create resources. The rescuers are tying a walker on a cross to scare away the birds, but Daryl is not for barbaric practice. He puts it down. Hei's your new leader.

Tara walks down a street with a marked path. Daryl and Jesus clear a path elsewhere. Eugene communicates a plan to them through the radio. Aaron wants to learn to fight like Jesus. On another road, Daryl passes by Jerry and they communicate that the roads are clear.

In downtown Washington D.C., Rick and Michonne enter, clearing the walkers. A group, with Ezequiel, Michonne, Alden, Gabriel, Cindy, Enid, Carol, Daryl, Aaron, Jesus and others, ride with the Washington Monument behind them.

The new sequence of credits for The Walking Dead plays.

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Inside an art museum, the group kills the walkers and is divided into separate missions. Michonne and Ezequiel lowered the walkers. Maggie and Carol see a ladder when the previous one declares: "This is going to work". At the same time, they notice that the glass below them leads directly to a walkers pit. They begin to climb the stairs just as a walker falls on the glass. Daryl leaves it and then they realize the situation of the glass.

In another room, a walker seizes Siddiq's foot. Before you can leave it, spiders emerge from your eyes and mouth.

Gabriel and Anne left a walker, ironically setting it as the next step on a "man's evolution" chart.

Cindy tries to get a canoe, which causes a conversation with Daryl about his pasts. Daryl's memories of Merle include fights, but also people who fought with him. They share a similar pain about their pasts.

Anne has taken the group to the seeds for the Shrine to grow in crops. She knows them because she took a class trip here.

Carol, Maggie and Michonne joke that Gregory is bitter about the fact that Hilltop has voted for their leader. Carol jokes that she is now with a king.

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Rick directs the group's effort to move a carriage up the stairs and through the glass. It is rigged with ropes to try to move it. The glass cracks as they move along, but they succeed. After everything has been transported, Ezekiel falls through the glass and hangs on the walkers. However, the group manages to lift it.

When released from the treacherous situation, Ezequiel shares a kiss with Carol. The group moves.

The group travels on Route B. Alden talks with Ken about acquiring a blacksmith's apprenticeship with his father. Behind them, King Ezekiel proposes marriage to Carol. She rejects him, saying he can not pass on a horse.

The group is on a bridge and chooses to take another route, with Rick closing Maggie's suggestion.

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Along another road, the horses are getting tired and the carriage is stuck in the mud. Maggie suggests leaving and returning with new horses, but Rck simply wants to exchange the horses they already have with them. The group takes the car out of the mud when the walkers begin to approach.

Daryl and Michonne begin to put their own walkers. Ken is trying to free the horses. When the group begins to flee from the walkers, Ken chooses to return and release a horse. It is, as expected, bitten in the arm.

Moments later, the group surrounds Ken while Siddiq takes care of his wound. His life fades, terribly annoying to Maggie and Enid. The group watches as Maggie uses a knife to knock him down.

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At night, Maggie gives the news of Ken's death to his parents, Tammy and Early. Tammy makes fun of her husband for not acting. After Earl leaves, she directs her verbal attack on Maggie and states that the Saviors should not get supplies from Hilltop for which their people are risking their lives and that Gregory could be a better leader.

At night, Alden sings like Ken's funeral.

Meanwhile, in the Sanctuary, Rick and the group pay a visit. The Saviors are happy to see it, but several need the help of their new leader Daryl. Michonne sees writing on the wall that says: "Saviors save us! We are still Negan." Daryl orders Justin to clean it and gets a bit of rejection.

In Hilltop, Gregory gives an emotional speech at Ken's funeral. He tells Jesus that he is grateful for what he has.

Rick gives a speech to the remaining Saviors, promising resources and supplies. Moments later, Daryl and Rick discuss what is the right move. Daryl insists that this will not work. Rick says things are different now and Daryl says Rick was the one who changed things.

Daryl wants to go back to Hilltop but Rick could use his help in Alexandria. Daryl rejects it.

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Gregory approaches Tammy and Earl with a bottle of whiskey. He drinks to sleep, letting Earl and Gregory talk, Gregory breaks Earl's drinking policy and takes advantage of him. Through some clever words, Gregory suggests that Maggie no longer has to be in charge here.

During the night, Carol and Daryl talk outside the Sanctuary. Carol offers to take care of him here before telling him that King Ezekiel proposed marriage. He offers his approval, despite his rejection of the king's proposal.

Rick and Michonne get in bed together. Michonne mocks him as "the famous Rick Grimes" to his dismay and laughter. They continue in their conversation so that Michonne suggests that they create a statute to establish rules for the communities. They turn off the lights, Rick realizes that he is lucky to have it and they put it on.

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At the top of the hill, Gregory and Maggie talk about their baby stroller in the middle of the night. When Maggie cuts herself off to put the baby to sleep, Gregory stops her to say that someone had destroyed Glenn's grave. Maggie investigates immediately, but is ambushed by a hooded and masked Earl. The baby Hershel is crying when her stroller was overturned. Enid tries to help, but is pushed to the ground and hurt her head.

Alden and Cindy rush to help her. When Maggie sees that it was Earl, she goes to Gregory's room with blood falling down her face. She tells him that he wants to lead this place but can not kill someone. He tries to stab her, but she takes the lead and puts the knife in his throat.

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Carol says goodbye to Ezekiel outside the Shrine, promising that he will not run away. "I'll be content to move at your speed," Ezequiel tells him. Jerry is also ready to leave, promising to take care of Ezequiel for her.

Michonne and Rick enter Hilltop where they find maggie bruised. Upstairs, Rick and Maggie talk to baby Hershel. Rick asks for help with the Saviors, which means resources, but Maggie wants too much in return. She does not want to help them. She points out that Rick said he would follow and he would not. She also has no interest in visiting Alexandria.

That night, Gregory has Earl handcuffed and Gregory is hanging from a rope while sitting on horseback. He begs her not to kill him. She says she is not ashamed of it. Daryl dismisses the horse, leaving Gregory to hang and die. The children go out and see it. Michonne tries to delay him but it's too late. Maggie orders the children to go to bed.

Maggie supports her decision. "This is not the beginning of something," she says. "I do not want to go through that again."

Gregory's back swings with the structure that is being built. Daryl cuts it.


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