Summary of "La Voz": The 13 best results – [Spoiler] Y [Spoiler] Removed

adminNovember 21, 2018

Based on your comments after Monday's summary of the proceedings of The voiceS Top 13, it would not have mattered to you if the show had sent packing almost to the everyone of the contestants, and I with them. (And people say I am mean – da-amn!) However, only two singers were eliminated on Tuesday. Before we discovered which of the contenders were, of course we had to sit through the usual show filling results. time, the hour was full of clips from the singers who receive handwritten letters from their loved ones since they would be away from home on Thanksgiving; a lukewarm performance of "Rhiannon" by Adam Levine and his team that presented some nice harmonies but, unfortunately, there is still little evidence that Tyke James or Reagan Strange could sing in code if their lives depended on it; A look at Brynn Cartelli's music video "Walk My Way" (which should have been out months ago, right? We should not be on a new single from her by now?); and a Dolly style performance of "I Will Also Love You" by Team Kelly that featured some awesome vocals from the trainer, Kymberli Joye and Sarah Grace … and some other types of voices by Lynnea Moorer and Chevel Shepherd (of whom I would have really expected them to be better here).

And at the moment (s) of truth …

Sent to security (in chronological order)
Reagan Strange (Team Adam)
Kirk Jay (Team Blake)
Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer)
Pastor Chevel (Team Kelly)
Chris Kroeze (Team Blake)
DeAndre Nico (Team Adam)
Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly)
MaKenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer)
Dave Fenley (Team Blake)
Sarah Grace (Team Kelly)

Bottom three
SandyRedd (Team Jennifer), "Believer" – Grade: C |
Ugh When the human hurricane landed on the bottom with Tyke and Lynnea, all I could do was sing that old Sesame Street song in my head: "One of these things is not like the others." a show. It simply should not be at the bottom, especially after his performance on Monday. Here, she was, as usual, a dominant presence on stage, but many of her voices were absorbed by the band. (And c & # 39; mon, sound mixer – you need much to drown SandyRedd! Put it together!) And those voices that we did listening too often sounded more desperate and screaming than intense and effective. It was not the best, but he still hoped it was better than his competition.

Tyke James (Team Adam), "Home" – Grade: D | I know I said I was going to try to be nicer to Tyke, but I'm sorry, I can not. He made most of his number as if he had taken a double dose of Tylenol PM and was left singing pancake in his sleep. Even Carson Daly could not resist pointing out the irony that Tyke sang "Home" potentially moments before he was sent there. It was time (last) to get our ears out of their misery.

Lynnea Moorer (Team Kelly), "If I do not have you" – Grade: C- | The return stage He must have looked better in the role than he seemed in practice. Even what I thought (wrongly) had to be the last time Lynnea sang in The voice, she could not bring anything to the stage that made me think that it had been a mistake for her not to have a chair turn during the blinds. And that great career that he tried towards the end – operative word: attempt – was enough to make someone run away. Who voted for this performance? Kelly fans who just wanted to be loyal to Lynnea's coach?

Saved | Lynnea Moorer
Removed | SandyRedd, Tyke James

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