Summary of Dancing With the Stars: Season 27, episode 7

adminOctober 23, 2018

If you still feel bad about losing Tinashe and Brandon after Trio Night, this Disney Night opening number could be the trick to finally cheer you up. It is, as they say, a production. There are many moving parts, it's fun and it's very Disney. Just the kind of cheerful dance that will cheer you up for the next performances, including several by Jordan Fisher and DWTS Juniors personal. And hey, if you're more than a preacher, Andrea Bocelli and her son Matteo Bocelli perform their new song "Fall on Me", by The nutcracker and the four kingdoms, accompanied by some of our professional dancers, everything will leave you in tears. So yes, it's an emotional roller coaster in Dancing with the stars. What else is new?

Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten
Foxtrot, "Around the bend of the river", from Pocahontas
Oh friends I was hoping to be able to spend this season without the dreaded showmance, they are always clumsy, distract and overproduce, but here we are. What Alexis takes from the Pocahontas character he portrays this week is that he "found love and freedom" and Alexis also wants that. (Do not read a history book, Alexis, it will ruin your dreams). Maybe it will come in the form of your partner, the person who believes most in it? Difficult step Can we just dance? Silly showmance aside, this foxtrot is quite charming. It is soft and fluid, and Bruno loves the lyric that he feels with each movement. Carrie Ann declares it the best dance of the season of Alexis. So probably the showmance will not disappear soon.
Score of the judges: 29/30

Juan Pablo Di Pace and Cheryl Burke
Viennese waltz, "Gaston", from Beauty and the Beast
Can John Paul use a ponytail every week? More hairography, always. Juan Pablo would agree with this idea: he is obsessed with his pony Gaston. He is also obsessed with Gaston and Beauty and the Beast, and, well, all the Disney stuff. He is living his childhood dreams tonight, and all he wants to do is have fun. He is successful. He is dancing on the tables, swinging in candelabra and making him go through the arrogant Gaston. This type of production is what Disney Night is all about! Oh, and the technique is pretty good too. Carrie Ann loves both the way she directs Cheryl and the nuances she puts into her movement. Nobody gives a special touch to his dance like Gastón, er, Juan Pablo.
Score of the judges: 29/30

DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay Arnold
Charleston, "A Star is Born", from Hercules
Before we get into this spectacular elevator: guys, DeMarcus calls Lindsay "coach" and my heart is shooting. Is it just the Disney night coming to me? I've lost my mind? I do not care, I love this association. It's a good thing that DeMarcus and Lindsay seem to get along well because this Charleston is about showing the strength of DeMarcus (after all, he's representing Hercules) by seeing how much he can throw at Lindsay. Um, what about that elevator where he catches Lindsay and then throws her in a kind of flip? If that's not your thing, maybe that time he'll lift it over his head and then, basically, press his will. Not yet? Well, that crazy double windmill thing has to blow your mind. The whole routine is a good time, do we really need scores? Oh, we do it? Cool, cool, cool
Score of the judges: 26/30

Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe
Jazz, "When will my life begin?" Of Tangled up
Latest news: Keo is afraid of heights, and he's adorable. He has a terrible time at Disneyland, except at the moment when he and Evanna start doing a dance routine in the center of the park. Like, can you imagine if you do not see the program and you walk by that? It would probably be amazing. Or fear! That's Disneyland. In other breaking news: The judges are still tough on Evanna! She and Keo dance a lovely jazz routine that leaves me smiling. No, it is not a production number as big as others we have seen so far, but that should not mean a great deduction of points. These two dance very well together, here they are waiting for you to stay.
Score of the judges: 24/30

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