Summary of 'Arrow': season 7, premiere of episode 1 – Explanation of Roy's return

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Warning: the following contains the main spoilers for Monday Arrow premiere.

Monday Arrow premiere of the season returned to The beginning and the future! Through a series of flash-forward, the spectators met Oliver's adult son, William (played by Chasing life& # 39; S Ben Lewis) when he came to Lian Yu. While traversing the island where his father was stranded for so many years, William was caught in a trap. After his captor arrived, William exclaimed: "You know my father!" The mysterious figure took off his hood and revealed himself as … an older Roy Harper!

Flash forward arrow"When you're on a show for so long, the challenges are trying to tell new stories with your characters," explains executive Beth Schwartz, she explains. But the new timeline, which begins 20 years after the present, "has just opened a great world for us, and creativity has just come in. Now the stories are endless."

While future flashes will not be included in all episodes, "a lot" and "the whole season and series" will be present, reveals Schwartz, who is the mother of the details of the spin. As to whether other familiar names will appear in the future, whether interpreted by the series' usual stars or guest stars, Schwartz would only say: "Let's see some of our characters" and delve into how the past affects the future.

"Part of what made this series so successful at having flashbacks is that you really could get into your characters," shares Schwartz. "Especially with Oliver, you knew how he became the way he is, and now, with the flash-forwards, you can see what's happening in the present, [and] How that affects the characters in the future. "

Arrow abstractSpeaking of the present, the premiere of the season found Oliver trying to keep his head in jail with mixed results. After Diaz's inner men attacked him, and his wife Felicity and his son William went abroad, Oliver chose to defend himself quite brutally. (We will never see The Count of Monte Cristo in the same way again.) As much as the other boy realized, the violent incident extended Oliver's stay behind bars, keeping him away from loved ones.

"I love prison history, it's one of my favorite things this season, because it's so different from everything we've done before," Schwartz describes. "It allows [Oliver] be with other people. We wanted to keep it separate, because the reality of when you are in prison [is] you are do not with your family. So their stories are with the characters in the prison, "and in particular, prisoner Stanley, who was unjustly convictedGracepoint& # 39; S Brendan Fletcher).

"The reason I love their relationship so much is because, in the first place, they are opposites," Schwartz says of the strange dynamic. "It's a kind of voice of hope for the city, which believed in [the Green Arrow], because he is the biggest Green Arrow fan. So he's a little bit of light for Oliver in jail. "

In another part of the episode, Felicity told Oliver that she had finished hiding from Diaz, and chose not to enter the Witness Protection again. (Do not worry, William goes to a boarding school). And although the husband and wife are separated by their circumstances, they are "fighting for the same thing", which is their family, says Schwartz. "So, even if we do not see them physically together, their goals are the same, so they connect without physically connecting, which I think is really cool, it's not necessary to see them together to get that connection."

Finally, there is the premiere. other Great mystery: Who is the new green arrow crossing that appears on a list? "We will definitely reveal and explore [that] before the end of the season, "Schwartz promises, adding that Dinah and Rene will continue to be" on different sides "in the debate." New green arrow: Friend or foe? "

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