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adminOctober 16, 2018

The blind auditions concluded the The voice Season 15 tonight, with coaches. Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson Y Blake Shelton Making his final turns of the season. After the first hour, the Battle Round began, bringing the mentors of this season: Keith Urban for the Blake team, Thomas Rhett for the kelly team Halsey of Team Jennifer, and Cee Lo Green for the Adam team.

Beginning the final round of Blind Auditions, Emily Hough sang "Big Yellow Taxi" from Joni Mitchell. It was not a perfect presentation, but she showed potential, and took turns from Levine, Shelton and Hudson. She ended up choosing Team Adam. With that, the Adam team was full.

The next was Josh Davis singing "Too Good At Goodbyes" for Sam Smith. Its soft and moving sound caught the attention of Clarkson and Hudson. He chose Team Kelly, filling the Clarkson team.

The artist Lisa Ramey, based in Brooklyn, followed with a presentation of "Beautiful Trauma" by Pink. She did not receive any turn of the coaches.

Katrina Cain managed to change things with her interpretation of "Rhiannon" from Fleetwood Mac. She has a lot of experience in the industry, but she came to The Voice to take her career to the next level. She received shifts from Shelton and Hudson, and Clarkson was especially disappointed that her team was full. Cain joined the Blake team, filling the team.

The last artist to audition for season 15 was Matt Johnson, who sang "Never Too Much" from Luther vandross. His voice was what Hudson was waiting for. She turned and chose him as the last artist to fill his team.

With the 48 best selected of season 15, it was time to start the Battle Round. First it was the Kelly team with the help of Rhett. Clarkson paired Sandy Redd and Cody Ray Raymond and had them sing "Cry To Me" by Solomon Burke. Both artists had impressive ranges, and Rhett extracted some lower notes from Raymond. The two artists mixed well and had great chemistry from the beginning.

In their final performance, the two artists proved to have powerful voices. They also commanded the stage, leaving Clarkson with a very difficult decision to make. Levine said immediately that he would rob whoever he lost. Clarkson ended up choosing Raymond, leaving Redd on the block. Sure enough, Levine, Hudson and Shelton pounced on the theft. Redd chose Team Jennifer and I hope he has better luck on that team.

The team Blake and his mentor Urban were the following, bringing together Michael Lee and Joey Green for a performance of "A Thing Called Love" by Bonnie Raitt. Green seemed the most comfortable in his rehearsals, but Urban and Shelton encouraged Lee to get over his nerves.

In his final performance, Green showed his range, and Lee showed his unique tone, as well as his guitar skills. Shelton chose Lee as the winner, and Green was eliminated. No coach chose to steal it.

The final battle came from Team Jennifer, who matched Colton Smith and Patrique Fortson. Halsey was at the mentor's hand, and Hudson had them sing their own "God gave you."

Both artists have an impressive range and delicate voices, which makes this ballad a strong song choice that suits both. Surely it would be a heated battle. In their performance, Smith and Fortson were very well paired, combining well at the same time as they stood out with their individual careers and tones. Fortson emerged victorious, remaining on Team Jennifer, but Shelton kept Smith in the competition by stealing him. So in the end, only one artist was eliminated from the first round of Battles.

The Battle Round continues tomorrow night on NBC.

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