Subtitles creator Toby Fox, NJPW star Kenny Omega team for Kenny's Quest

adminDecember 31, 2018

In Speech creator Toby Fox's latest project is something of a surprise: a fighting video for New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenny Omega. Wrestler along with Fox to promote NJPW's upcoming pay-per-view event, Wrestle Kingdom 13, but according to the video's Star Wars esque opening creep, "circumstances beyond [the creator’s] control "will prevent it from being officially aired.

In the video's opening scene, shot at Akihabara retro game store Super Potato, a young Kenny Omega fan buys a copy of faux Famicom games Kenny's Quest. That game looks and plays a lot like Fox In Speech, Omega pitting his rival Hiroshi Tanahashi. As breaking campaigns go, it is one of the more charming, and refers to Omega's love for Street Fighter 5 and In Speech. (The wrestler is called In Speech his favorite game of 2018 in one of the Giant Bombs end of this year's awards.

Omega and Fox met at this year's Tokyo Game Show, where they became good friends according to the switch. Fox is currently working Delta Rune, a follow-up to In Speech It can be played for free. Omega will meet Tanahashi on January 4 in New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 13.

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