Strictly, AJ Pritchard reveals malicious nightclub attack "was character forming"

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Strict Come Dancing Professional Dianne Buswell and AJ Pritchard have talked about how the latter feels, after the evil attack he suffered on Boxing Day, inside a nightclub in Nantwich.

AJ revealed how he feels since the attack, in an enlightening Instagram video shared by Dianne with his 652,000 followers, as the rigorous stars gather again to start tests on the upcoming trip.

AJ showed that bruises on his face were now gone, and even continued to describe the horrific strike at the Nakatcha club as "character formation".

Dianne Buswell and AJ Pritchard talked about the evil attack that AJ was exposed to

Dianne Buswell has revealed some behind-scenes recordings from Strictly tournaments

As the flamehair Dianne spoke into the camera, she showed that she was not on her new girlfriend Joe Sugg's side, but actually sat next to the AJ.

AJ asked her, "How's it going?"

Dianne joked about the hair's redness compared to the red top that AJ was sporting before telling her followers that "AJ is" OK "."

AJ replied, "I'm good, yes," and when he strikes his contoured face, Dianne says, "Look at that face, beautiful, perfect."

AJ Pritchard has shown how he has recovered from the nightclub

Looks remarkably remarkable, considering that just three weeks have passed since a bunch of reins put on AJ and his brother Chris, he replies, "Now the souls have gone, thank God."

Dianne says he sees, "better than ever," as AJ reveals that the bloody attack, "gave me character."

AJ said the attack was "character-forming"

Speaking of Lorraine last week, Brave AJ revealed he was good again, but admitted he had to "think twice" before letting anyone, including fans, approach him.

AJ had praised his brother Curtis for taking several strokes to save AJ from a worse blow than he had.

Also a pro-dancer faces Curtis at least five weeks on the sidelines after letting a suspected crushed nose, blurred vision, a split lip and knee injury.

AJ Pritchard revealed details of the evil attack on a Cheshire nightclub

He reveals how he does, says AJ: "He's fine. He has surgery on the knee, he's back in physics. It's shaken up the family, that's for sure.

"He literally threw himself in front of me to protect me, of course, when he took full power of it, he was violently kicked and beaten, knocked out. And I'm trying to get him out of the scenario."

AJ said the attack was "meaningless violence" and added: "It's that scary, and it's in my town, 10 minutes down the road. Everyone knows me there."

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