Strictly, AJ Pritchard, Brother Curtis & # 39; saved his life & # 39; by striking in bloody attacks

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AJ Pritchard has revealed his brave brother Curtis & # 39; saved his life & # 39; by protecting him in a bloody nightclub attack that left both at the hospital.

The Strictly Come Dancing star described how his sibling siblings risked their own career by pushing him out of the way as eight yobs sat on them in the middle of the dance floor of Nantwich Club Nakatcha.

Curtis was beaten unconscious and suffered a suspected crushed nose, blurred vision, a split lip and knee injury that had to be operated on if there was any hope of saving his dance career.

And AJ says he did it for the selfless reason.

AJ says the brother Curtis saved his life

"Curtis risked his own dance career to save me when he threw himself in front of the attackers so they couldn't get to me. He was thinking of both my dance career with my legs and TV career with my face." He tried to protect me and rescued then my life and legs from danger, "he told The Sun.

The brothers lived back home in Stoke-On-Trent before the attack, and thought Nakatcha would be "safe" given how many times they had been there before.

However, AJ soon began to spot the ladies – which they believe was a catalyst for the brutal blow.

Describing how Curtis suddenly felt a "hard, violent push", the minute the gang surrounded them, Curtis boldly pushed his brother out of the way and entered his place.

Curtis pushed his brother out of harm

They were put on Nakatcha nightclub

"I looked up to see what happened, and I saw four boys take AJ and I thought: & # 39; I have to come in between them and him to protect him, & # 39; "Curtis said."

But with his hands busy protecting AJ, his face was uncovered when the blisters rained down.

Describing it as "a scene from a movie", Curtis replied quickly and collapsed on the floor, where the reins continued to kick him.

The security staff swooped in and gave AJ the chance to draw his unconscious brother to safety. And it was only when he realized the terrible extent of his injuries.

"His rails were severely hit, his nose, lips and face were bloody. He saw a mess. His eye was closed and his entire face looked swollen. My T-shirt was covered in his blood. I was scared," he said. .

Curtis hopes surgery will save her own dance career

The club was immediately shut down and the brothers were taken to hospital, and as soon as Curtis woke up, despite being blind in one eye, his biggest concern was knee.

He is now withdrawn from Dancing With The Stars in Ireland, but asks for an upcoming operation to save his knee.

And both agree that the worst part was that their father burst into tears.

Police said: "The four victims were taken to hospital for treatment. Everyone has since been emptied.

"Officers arrested a 20-year-old man from Crewe on suspicion of assault. He has investigated investigation into pending pending inquiries."

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