Stormi Webster grows too fast and melts Instagram with this video

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The tiny Stormy Webster He will meet one year soon, and his mother, Kylie Jenner, is very excited about everything that will surely be the insurmountable birthday party of the Kardashian West clan. But today, with her millions of followers, businesswoman sent a video showing how much her first death has grown and that she is already beginning to brush her first words.

Pap took a new chair for stormi Oh my God! This girl throws the bag on her shoulder, I can't, Kylie wrote next to the foot of the clip where someone brings a little wallet to the baby, she takes it on her arm while looking at his mother who registers and says adis. Stormi reacts with his little hand as he says goodbye too. As usual, the publication generates thousands of reactions simultaneously.

For just one hour of the post, it already counted on more than five million reproductions and thousands of I like the part of the phantom that has not been contained and has fallen to the feet of the smaller clan of Kardashian. Again, Kylie demonstrates the power and influence she has on social networks, where the post surpasses the previous and much more to her older sisters.

According to one's own Kylie Jenner has revealed, Travis Scott has proven to be a great father to stormi who came to the world earlier this year. However, the first reaction to the rapper was to know the sex of the baby they expected, not the best. During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Travis revealed that his first impression said I needed a child.

"When we discovered it would be a girl, I thought, Huhhh," he revealed to the North American publication. And although it took him some time to get used to knowing that his 20-year-old girlfriend would bring a baby to the world and not a child, he quickly wanted, "This could be the most brutal thing that ever happened to me." And then it was.

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