"Storm of Love": The fans in turmoil: Come back to this series of favorites?

adminDecember 28, 2018

An exciting Christmas trailer of the popular telenovela "Sturm der Liebe" lets fans cheer. Looks like the dream couple from the last 14th season returns to Fürstenhof. Or is everything just a dream?

On Christmas Eve, the "Storm of Love" fans had a very special Christmas surprise. A trailer on Facebook gave a little preview of what we can expect in the coming weeks.

And it caused quite a stir. In the video clip we see some popular "Sturm" actors at a large party with a lot of champagne Boris (Florian Frowein) and Tobias (Max Beier) kissing in a smart suit, Paul (Sandro Kirtzel) and Romy (Désirée von Delft) Looks bad for balloons who fly sliders, and in another scene, Viktor Saalfeld (Sebastian Fischer) and Alicia (Larissa Marolt) suddenly ride on typhoon and Cassie through the snow-covered winter forest.

Will they return to Fürstenhof for a wedding? If so, who will marry? Boris and Max or about Romy and Paul? There is not enough. Even with tragic events, the curiosity of the audience is awakened. So Eva Saalfeld (Uta Kargel) and Christoph Saalfeld (Dieter Bach) seem to be under a blanket because they not only kiss passionately in the elevator, in the presence of Christoph Eve killing his ex Xenia (Elke Winkens) with a spade, but later lies himself motionless in the snow. Her husband Robert (Lorenzo Patané) desperately races her name from the Fürstenhof balcony. Clean drama!

Here we show you the trailer:

Now the question arises: Is every Winkens and Uta Kargel out? And how long does the "Sturm" favorite Sebastian Fischer and Larissa Marolt hold in the popular soap? Because, as the past has shown, the scenes of a trailer are not always seen in a future episode – at least it seems to be dramatically the birth of Jessica's baby Luna in Bichlheim in 2019. The unfortunate love of Denise (Helen Barke) probably gets a devotion to distract her from her unfulfilled love for Joshua (Julian Schneider).

In telenovela, Jenny Löffler's character is Annabelle completely in love with Joshua. As it looks private to her, we'll show you below in the video:

"I can not wait!" Commented on a Facebook fan on the eventful Christmas trailer. at Fürstenhof it remains exciting and dramatic.

"The storms of love" will comes to Friday at 15:10 in the first.

Nine years ago, actor Martin Gruber began "Storm of Love." What he does today, we tell you in the video below:

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