"Storage or forfeiture", the journey of a man whose life collapsed brutally, went up in smoke

adminNovember 28, 2018


Bad burnt, a firefighter finds himself night without strength without face, without future.

Save or go to the ground. This is the motto of the firemen in Paris. For Franck, it's not a job, it's a cold. He lives his work with passion, limits obsession.

Besides, he is happy to live in an apartment in the barracks. Nothing surpasses adrenaline from saving lives. Nothing but his wife's eyes that look at him as a hero. He, griealet, becomes a holy athlete thanks to his willingness to steel.

And then he uses a motto one day, he saves a colleague in a fire department and wakes up, eight weeks with coma later in a service of burnt sacrifice. Without strength, without face, without future.

Frédéric Tellier's camera will not let him go. She will dive with him in this daily antiseptic bath, so painful. She will enter into the emptiness of her existence, just yesterday, be so full of her exciting job, her sweet twins, her plans for a couple. Today the firefighter is over. His daughters are too small to come and see him. His wife is still there, love, but for how long. And how can not you feel the way to mess the rest of your life?

Katell Quillévéré (Repair the living), Thomas Lilti (field Medic), Jeanne Herry (The pupil) or Frédéric Tellier (Save or go to the ground) do not form a group, have not written a manifesto and yet they take the same direction, animating some kind of current documentary.

For two hours we follow the journey to a man whose life has collapsed brutally, a man immersed in a permanent physical disorder that is nothing compared to what he morally maintains. His family, his friends, his hospital universe – combining humanity and technology – can not change anything.

This inner adventure is the more unbearable as it hangs in our noses, our lives are written on sand to the mercy of an accident, of sickness.

A documentary that came with a big burner for two years probably would not show anything else, except that the fiction avoids being turned into voyeur, to participate in the act of a real couple who are beaten by fate.

The fiction in this story is the actors where we can project while we are away. Pierre Niney and Anaïs Demoustier are a very nice film couple. And the cinema is always stronger than life because it just keeps time … strong, to illuminate the parts of the shadow.

realization : Frédéric Tellier. Scenario: David Oelhoffen, Frédéric Tellier. With Pierre Niney, Anaïs Demoustier, Vincent Rottiers, Sami Bouajila … 1h56.

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