Sthefany Gutiérrez "no one thought I would reach the first 20 and I just liked the competition"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Stephany Gutiérrez became the second Miss Universe finalist, having been crowned Miss Venezuela, in the 65th edition of the contest held on November 9, 2017. On this occasion, and after several controversies, departures and changes in the board directive Venezuelan beauty contest, Gutierrez confirmed that they left her alone on the way to the major international competition, to be the last group of women who was drafted by Osmel Sousa.

"I thank all the people who were here with me all the time, during this year, I don't have to say anything, everything came to light. The situation of Miss Venezuela is nothing hidden, they fulfilled their responsibilities as franchisees (…) I was afraid of the responsibility to go to Miss Universe, but not to be alone (without the support of Miss Venezuela) and I tell them all the clothes that I used Miss I returned it to the stores as soon as I arrived in Venezuela, Gutiérrez said. to Kerly Ruiz on the Chic Al Día program, broadcast by EVTV.

Upon arriving at the television, she was received by Executive Vice President Carlos Acosta, and joined the case with her personal trainers, where she said the title to other runner-up "I'm still the same girl she likes to share with her family and with her friends Their (…) My family has always been a good example of how a couple should do to build a family. "

With the attention that the Venezuelans woke up in international beauty competitions, Sthefany said she felt the media's gaze, but her goal was to represent Venezuela without calling herself a winner. "At the preliminary night with Filipino, Thai, Colombian and Panamanian journalists, they told me they never saw me as a favorite (…) I accept that I was not a favorite in both Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe," I said. would not come to the top 3, even in the first 20 years, he said.

In the program Andrea Díaz, Miss Chile, also with Venezuelan nationality, and Miss Spain Angela Ponce were contacted in the program. The Gutierrez family came to the program with a cake to celebrate 19 years of the young Miss and her boyfriend, professional basketball player Michael Carrera, who surprised her with a bouquet of flowers.

"As soon as all my brothers are back to our country, to continue working together and to embrace us," were the final words of the second finalist of Miss Universe Sthepany Gutierrez.

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