Steve Austin loved the bloody beatings

adminNovember 21, 2018

Ronda Rousey was defeated this week and Stone Cold Steve Austin loved it.

The former UFC star received the biggest loss of her career in WWE and Charlotte Flair was disqualified in a dramatic showdown of Survivor Series.

WWE commentators declared that Flair "lost it completely" after she attacked Rousey out of the ring with a kendo beating that left the former UFC champion in a mess.

In a game that has been described as the most brutal of Rousey's career in the WWE, the former bantamweight champion needed to help her from the ring after she was repeatedly hit with the kendo stick despite being without life on the mat.

And Austin loved every second.

"That was my favorite match of the night, not just the game, but the consequences of the kendo stick, just the beating." Pillmanizing "with the chair on Ronda's head," he said on the Steve Austin Show.

"There were some mixed comments about this game, some people said, there were a couple of things that were neglected in this game, Bulls, that was a hard, tough match." It reminded me a lot of something you would have seen in the game. It was of Attitude.

Two rude women. Charlotte really stepped up her game with the intensity level and it was totally boring. And Ronda Rousey knows that she is hard as nails. The style in which they worked, everything was as tight as ***.

"He told a great story. Simply I loved it.

"When I think of professional wrestling, this is what I would expect to see."

Despite being disqualified, Flair continued to hit Rousey, provoking outrage from the WWE comment team.

"She should be arrested," said a Flair commentator. "This is an assault, this is not something you want to see in sports entertainment, it was atrocious."

Another commentator speculated that Rousey could suffer permanent damage after Flair executed a stranglehold of the wild chair in the helpless new WWE champion.

"I was helpless," said the commentator. "He was in a catatonic state. I do not think she had any idea what was going on. You'll be lucky if you do not have permanent damage. "

Flair was finally expelled from the ring after fighting with up to five referees who flooded the ring to try to save Rousey.

The Kendo sticks were only the tip of the iceberg in the house of pain that Flair inflicted on Rousey during the fight.

Rousey's mouth went bloodied when she turned around just as Flair moved to push her against the ropes in the corner.

Rousey's mouth ended up crashing into the guards on the corner.

The blood around the champion's mouth continued to flow minutes later when Flair connected a clean elbow to Rousey's mouth.

Rousey was lucky to avoid being counted when Flair executed a painful Boston crab cellar that left Rousey howling in pain.

The dramatic result has set the UFC for another rematch of the main event between the pair.

However, there is a real concern for the immediate future of Rousey, both for his health and his growing popularity.

Rousey was booed by fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles before and after her game.

Even as he lay lifeless in the ring, a chorus of boos filled the sand.

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