Stephen Colbert talks to George R.R. Martin about the delay of & # 39; Winds of Winter & # 39;

adminNovember 22, 2018

Stephen Colbert is giving George R.R. Martin a bit of affable grief for his epic struggle to finish The winter winds.

the game of Thrones the author was in the Late show with Stephen Colbert On Wednesday night to discuss his new Westeros history book, Fire and blood. Colbert noted that fans are still waiting for their next epic of Song of Ice and Fire.

"This has 700 pages," Colbert said of Fire and blood. "Are not you supposed to be finishing? The winter winds all this time? Do not add to the chorus of what has taken so long, but this is a detour of 700 pages! "

Martin explained that his plan is to finish. The winter winds, and then do the sequel to Fire and blood and then maybe launch the final novel of Ice and Fire, a spring dream.

"There are many things to write," said Martin. "I should get home and go to work."

Martin also revealed a quite moving and personal origin for game of Thrones You've probably never heard before. Of course, Martin's direct inspirations include the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and other fantasy authors. But there was also an incident from his childhood that predates his literary influences.

Colbert noticed that Martin wore a purple turtle brooch, and the author said: "I love turtles, my writing career started with turtles."

Martin explained: "I lived in Bayou, N.J., in a federal housing project. We were not allowed to have dogs. We were not allowed to have cats. So the only pets I was allowed to have were the turtles: the little turtles of ten cents … I had a toy castle. I could put two turtle bowls in the castle. But what happens with those little turtles in the ten-cent store is that they die very soon. I fed them the turtle's food, I thought I was doing everything right. I could not understand why they would die. It certainly was not my fault. I decided that they were competing for the turtle's throne. They were competing for who would be the king of the turtles. That was my first fantasy: Turtle Castle. Preceded game of Thrones for many years ".

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