Stephen Colbert says that Warren's DNA test reveals that "he is running for president"

adminOctober 16, 2018


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Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she successfully called President Trump's deception, but he does not admit it. The president repeatedly accused Warren of lying about his Native American heritage, and said he would donate $ 1 million to a charity of his choice if a DNA test showed he had Native American ancestry.

But last week, he received the results of a DNA test that showed him that he had a small amount of Native American blood. Now she says she expects Trump to pay. Stephen Colbert said that everything seemed to imply that Warren has his sights set on a higher office.

"This test reveals with precision and with high confidence that Elizabeth Warren is running for the presidency." Stephen Colbert

In "The Daily Show," Trevor Noah highlighted Trump's response: the president told reporters on Monday that he did not care about Warren's DNA test, and said he had never offered to pay $ 1 million to the charity.

"Although Elizabeth Warren took the test, now she says she will not pay the million dollars." Basically, this white man made a promise to Senator Warren and then returned to what he said. So I guess she really is Native American after all. " TREVOR NOAH


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