Stefanie Giesinger pregnant: The GNTM winner surprised with good news

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Stefanie Giesinger led his fans by the nose.
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For almost three years Stefanie Giesinger and the British YouTube star Marcus Butler a couple. No wonder many a fan already dreams of a baby of the two. The 22-year-old and her five-year-old friend seem to know this too, and joked about it for the moment, leading their fans around – just a short while.

Stefanie Giesinger pregnant? The GNTM winner surprises Instagram fans

On Instagram, "Germany's next top model" published a meaningful picture. It showed her and her friend on holiday in Thailand. She is wearing a Leoprint bikini, sitting next to her in a T-shirt and putting her hand meaningfully on her stomach. Both look at each other, and Stefanie Giesinger seems to open his eyes and mouth with enthusiasm.

GNTM winner Stefanie Giesinger in anticipation – it will be a Christmas gift!

"Guys .. So happy to announce ..", the GNTM winner begins his comment on the Instagram image. "We have a Christmas club". There was probably nothing wrong with pregnancy. But the right motive – should it be so far – is Turtle Doves obviously already mastered.

Stefanie Giesinger criticized by fans for belly photo

The view from the fans of this "baby belly" image is very different. While some are laughing and laughing at the joke ("Omg !!!! Congratulations! Is it a burger or a pizza?") And the others don't even hear the joke ("Oha who is pregnant, how sweet"), the third on it doesn't -Existing stomach of the model on ("Oh my God, my stomach is thicker when I have a hanging cross. What is it?").

We had a little smile for our part … would have been looking forward to real baby news, but more. But what is not can still be.

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