Starting game for "Dancing on Ice": Lots of wood and rarely a touch of elegance on the cold parquet

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After more than a ten-year break, SAT.1 again leads some or more celebrities on the ice. Whether Sarah Lombardi, Detlef Soost, the fifth oldest scion of "Kelly Family", Aleksandra Bechtel or Désirée Nick, has presented himself on the ice dance, either or even a little graceful, you can read here.

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After 2006, "Sat.1" again sends the skating show "Dancing on Ice" in the race. Eight celebrities are trying to master the boring road from the occasional first step to free ice skating on smooth ice with their dance partners – all biathlon professionals.

No expectations, no disappointments

The principle of "Dancing on Ice"? Nothing new. And similar to the RTL dance show "Let & # 39; s Dance": The celebrities – Désirée Nick, Sarah Lombardi, Sarina Nowak, Kevin Kuske, Detlef Soost, John Kelly, Aleksandra Bechtel and Timur Bartels – were introduced by professional ice dancers in October 2018 in skating,

"Dancing on Ice": Here celebrities give insights behind the scenes.

Yesterday, after weeks of hard training, she had to compete against her rivals for the first time. From then on, it is important to convince both the jury and the people in front of the screens with their performance from round to round. "No expectations, no disappointments" is the motto.

The first to hit the ice was dancer and choreographer Detlef Soost and actress Kat Rybkowski. Even looking back at training, one suggested: Soost can well dance here and there quite well. Absolutely not on the ice.

Even Rybkowski spoke of "lack of talent" and was amazed at the remark that soost was "sensitive and sympathetic". Yet, surprisingly, it was the 48-year-old who was delivered on the ice. Really good! If broomstick fell over while exercising regularly, he slipped yesterday for broomstick conditions almost elegantly over the ice.

The jury, which consists of double Olympic champion Katarina Witt, entrepreneur and dancer Judith Williams, professional dancer Cale Kalay and art skater commentator and German champion Daniel Weiss, was quite pleased.

Curve model surprised when it is swung around

Even model Sarina Nowak then presented himself with the Czech national champion David Vincour quite impeccable. At times, the beauty of the attendant basket was reminded of a consistently grinning, bulky commodity that was pushed motivated by the ice.

But those who had seen the pictures from their first training week, but then had to be a little in awe. The jury also had praise at hand. It became clear at the time of the evening: the show will not be burning 13 years after the first attempt. In short, there is somewhere between "pretty boring" and "boring" at this time.

Since a big mistake dramaturgically, but always gives something, something came explosive. This was due to the poor performance of the former VIVA host Aleksandra Bechtel. Bechtel, who tried ice cream dance next to skating rinks Matti Landgraf, made it clear on the freestyle that she is a rockhard shaking candidate on skates.

When the cow was out of the ice for her, she also said the words: "There is an incredible feeling that it is over now," said the 46-year-old after the show. "Unfortunately, it wasn't that big hit," said lawyer Daniel Weiss. And added. "I'm a little disappointed."

Sarah Lombardi as a dancing play

For comparison, singer Sarah Lombardi again offers a real vision. "Fallin" "by Alicia Keys" skidded the young mother incredibly supremely. There was also praise from Witt: "I'm speechless, what you've learned in three months."

At Lombardi, Kevin Kuske followed the most successful bobsleigh athlete all the time. Yesterday, the giant closet with many tattoos showed that it can't really blow on the ice. By the way: The moderators Marlene Lufen and Daniel Boschmann could not blow away either. They were real sleepers.

To Désirée Nick, Germany's largest damper, you had to worry about their immediately following freestyle. Not surprisingly, the 62-year-old, who helped professional Alexander Gazsi over the ice last night, often used a helmet during training.

To Nick's defense: She has had a torn muscle just before the show. "It has not gone unnoticed that you have an injury," said lawyer Daniel Weiss unflattering. The message was ok.

Celebrities and well-known athletes will go on ice in 2019. In Sat.1, "Dancing on Ice" presents their skating skills along with an ice dance professional. These experts will evaluate their performance.

Probably the best performance in yesterday's kick-off of "Dancing on Ice" was shown by actor Timur Bartels along with the actor and trainer Amani Fanci. Mime known from the "VOX" program "Club of the Red Bands" (surely some) seems to have some talent for a life on skids. This rewarded the jury with 35.5 points – the highest score in the evening. "Timur, you're a tall flyer! And welcome to the ice skating club," says Kati Witt about the young ice tracking.

The final freestyle last night came from musician and singer John Kelly. He probably broke a little over the last few weeks growing up on a regular houseboat, not an icebreaker. Because even John Kelly is almost a freshman on the cold floor.

For "David's song" he and his partner beat a pretty good freestyle on the ice. But it was also damn 31 points from the jury, which meant third place – right behind the dance couple Sarah Lombardi and Joti Polizoakis.

Curvy model or jungle queen – who needs to get out?

After that, the audience was in demand. Their conversation had to decide which two couples had to dance again in the so-called "skate-off" for departure. Viewers compelled forced Désirée Nick and her Alexander and Sarina Nowak and David to dancers the decisive ball and compete against each other.

While Sarina gave a solid performance, "Geriatrics it," which Nick likes to call herself, most of the support was supported by your ice model. Of course, it did not go unnoticed by the jury, who finally decided to let Sarina and David dance further. Nick was out.

It is likely that the outcome of the evening for the former jungle queen was a surprise despite the injury. Probably she would not have expected with two fractures and three other muscle fiber tears, as the first ice dancer to make the exit. Regardless. January 13, "Dancing on Ice" enters the next round. If you liked the show, you can definitely turn it on again next time. It will certainly not be much worse.


SAT.1: "Dancing on Ice" from 06.01.2019

Let's dance was yesterday. From January, the dance stick is swung on the ice. Then start the new SAT.1 show "Dancing on Ice". Eight celebrities participate in the art skating competition. We present the candidates. (THP)

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