Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures: The new animated series LucasFilm

adminNovember 29, 2018

Recently, LucasFilm has announced plans to develop more series, which will surely be available on the Disney + streaming platform. The production company presented a new animated series centered on the first trilogy, called " Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures ". LucasFilm says that the animated series will include " fun and educational elements to help older parents, parents, integrate the Star Wars universe for children. "

"A new way of presenting Star Wars on"

The series must contain characters such as Luke Skylwalker, Leila, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader and more. James Waugh, LucasFilms Vice President of Strategy, says: " With Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, we wanted to create something for parents to help their children take their first step into a very big universe. There's a new way to introduce kids to Star Wars, as well as movies. It is true that today's children, who have discovered the latest Star Wars movies, have not necessarily seen the first two trilogues. With an animated series, it is clear to this audience that Disney is turning, even though the biggest fans of Star Wars will not fail to follow the series as well.

On the chain YouTube Star Wars Kids

If we base ourselves on the trailer, it seems that the story happens during the events of " Star Wars »episodes 4.5 and 6 in the saga. It still seems that there are elements in the second trilogy since we can see Yoda fight against Count Dooku, a battle that takes place in "Attack of the clones », or episode 2. The original voices of the characters are also taken again.

Broadcast on the channel YouTube American Star Wars Kids, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures will reveal its six first episodes 30 November 2018. This series is the beginning of LucasFilm's plan to make the fans wait for the release of Star Wars Episode 9, which is currently scheduled to release in December 2019. Here is the trailer.

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