Star TV's censorship of Atatürk's response to the allegations: The great rescuer's memory of the deep respect

adminJanuary 10, 2019


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Star TV, made the last night in the film about the cut of the Atatürk scene. In a statement, "the reason why this scene is not the deletion of the Ataturk name, on the contrary, the great rescuer's memory of the deep respect," he was in the phrase.

The memorial scene on the TV station Kaçma Birader & # 39; sent last night was cut on Atatürk TV.

In the news reported by the newspaper Cumhuriyet, the young character was "I would meet Atatürk." Ataturk died? No Ataturk died in our hearts, "his words were censored despite not being abusive and blasphemy.

On March 4, 2016, the stars Emrah and Murat Kaman with the stars Zafer Algöz, Melek Baykal, Emrah Kaman, Nejat Uygur and Necip Memili came to me from Star TV about the cut film in the movie.

Kana, the official Instagram account from the opening statement "The reason for this scene is not the deletion of Atatürk's name, on the contrary, is the deep respect for the Savior to the great Savior." That in the statement.

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