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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Every scene broadcast on the Star TV screens has been carefully investigated, and the production of Istanbul Bride under the responsibility of Onur Güvenatam has been thoroughly investigated by people who have followed the series closely. Last year, Esma, a very difficult disease barrier to obesity and extremely beloved loved to hang in the wall of the mansion and the ceremony held in the heart of a lifelong ceremony in the heart of Istanbul, says that the bride's scene in Istanbul Star TV broadcast is not seen . Esmas disease with Garip hand in hand with the ceremony organized by the ceremony and then share his illness with everyone in the host to get to the screen of Istanbulli Bride 69.bölüm why not published? Zeynep Günay Tan, director of the director, took his place among the most successful and high quality productions of TV screens.

Why aren't new episodes published? When begins all arrays


İstanbullu Gelin 69B will be on the screen after the date of the Star TV broadcast after each scene with the sound of the serial project of the enthusiasts of the new part of the bride, will be published when the date? asked in the direction of the last set to continue. Why isn't the publication 69 in Istanbul? It was announced that it would not be on display due to the Christmas holiday, and all series will not broadcast for 3 weeks. At the same time, the excitement and curiosity of the series is played by the producer of the series not yet an official explanation that the new part of Istanbul is expected to be published on January 25, 2019.


Star TV screens are published Friday 28th. December in Istanbul. Garip's compelling studies, calming speech, support and interest in learning the disease captured Esma & # 39; nin decided to crown their bond with marriage. Istanbulite Bride welcomes the audience with unexpected developments in the last part; Esma and Garip, who were not separated from each other more and more by love, made a decision to enter the world house and caused a crisis on the Borani front in the mansion. As a result of Garip staying under the same roof with Boranes, he decided to leave the manor while Esma and Garip signed an eternal union with the wedding ceremony that took place in the mansion. Esma is a surprise attack with the marriage of his sons who passed Alzheimer's disease, and he wanted to maintain his life with all the people wishing to stay away from the manor.

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