Star Trek, learning from the mistakes of Star Wars, to opt for different tones, strategic releases with new TV programs.

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Brent Spiner as data in Star Trek: Insurrection
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If there is one thing that unites all modern humans, it is our collective desire for more content. As such, it seemed natural to keep our jaws full of things, as Lucasfilm showed with his abundance of Star Wars Movies, spin-offs, television shows and animated projects. "No more Star Wars"We soon cried, our stomachs swelled with the midi-chlorians, which led Disney CEO Bob Iger to admit that they offered" too much, too fast. " Star Trek The franchise, which is no longer satisfied with playing a secondary role, is determined to learn from its mistakes.

We have reported on a series of new Star Trek in recent times, including two new films, one that is supposedly being directed by S.J. Clarkson and another from Quentin Tarantino, a Next Generation sequel starring Patrick Stewart, and a series of Discovery spin-off shorts. At the helm of the franchise's television game is Alex Kurtzman, who recently signed a five-year contract with CBS to develop a new line of action live and animation. Star Trek series. However, do not expect all to fall at once. In a new interview with TrekMovie, Kurtzman and Star Trek: Discovery Executive producer Heather Kadin spoke about the team's efforts to curb the fatigue of the audience.

"It will never be so clean," Kadin replied when asked about a content plan for the entire year. "Because I also think we want people to be excited because they do not burn out." Kurtzman added: "You have a good meal and then you decide to take a walk before having dessert." That's how to look at it. "

They also plan to adopt a strategy that recently served the Marvel universe well. "I think the only thing we can say that is more general is that it has been a real conscious effort that each project we have has its own voice and occupies its own space, I do not mean its own space in the canon, I mean its own tonal vision, "said Kadin. "Because you should not tune Discovery and I wonder if he went around the channel, which was Picard. "They should feel different, they should have different messages from different people."

"As viewers, we want to make sure that you are getting a different experience each time you watch a different video. Emigrate show, "said Kurtzman.

Star Trek: Discovery We will be back in January on CBS All Access. the Next Generation The sequel will probably continue (at a reasonable pace, of course), since the writers room is already in place. Only, please, get Akiva Goldsman out of there.



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