#SpoilerAlert We already know what happens to Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

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When we saw the first trailer off Avengers 4: Endgame, most of us thought it really didn't reveal any news about what we'd like to see in the movie Marvelbecause they are generally very hermetic when it comes to storing the details, but we were very crazy.

it brothers Joseph and Anthony Russo, directors of the movie, have thrown some light on one of the scenes until the course, or rather, has made one spoiler gigantic, which changes the perspective of what will be the inevitable confrontation between Avengers and Thanos.

(If you don't want to know anything else, it's better to stop reading)

In the trailer there is a scene where we can see hanging Thanos armor, which has a literal meaning. This titan left the fight, he didn't want to meet anyone because he accomplished his task, which would disappear half of the beings in the universe. Yes, Thanos goes back!

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In an interview for the magazine empire, according to the hypertext agreement, brothers russo they pointed to: "It's over, it's no more until here it came … It has succeeded in what it has set out to do. He's done.

This "detail" gives a completely different dimension to what apparently comes to the screens in Avengers: Endgame. What will happen is that this group off superheroes Finally, they will make sense of their name by abolishing half of the universe, since it will be those who seek Thanos to fight with him.

What happens to Thanos in the comic book?

Thanos he becomes a farmer … seriously! In the comic book The Infinity Gauntlet we see that several of our heroes are defeated or killed by this titan, who is able to reach a higher plan of existence to meet eternity, the collective consciousness of any living being in the universe. In this state, Thanos is vulnerable and unprotected, so Nebula steals Gauntlet to get their power.

Adam Warlock Travel to the place where you are Thanos to convince him to join in to quit Nebula. The Titan accepts and manages to manipulate it so that the clock returns 24 hours, which revives Superdead heroes, but without memory.

Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock transported to Soul World, where they cause nebula a great pain, which ends up emitting gauntlet; After a fight, Adam Warlock remains with him.

Seeing this situation, Thanos He teleports 60 days in the future, finding a nameless planet where he decides to live a quiet life as a farmer. The defeat for Thanos we could see it in Avengers: Endgame, but without Warlock stores the day, but with Captain Marveltakes its place.

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To know, we have to wait until the next April 26th

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