Spider-Man PS4 can get amazing four content "Real Soon": Marvel

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Spider-Man PS4 can get Fantastic Four content soon. During a two-hour life stream that was mainly about Marvel's Android and iOS efforts, the company dreamed that something "Fantastic" is coming to Spider-Man PS4. With Marvel celebrating Fantastic Four this week, we won't be surprised to see the famous quartet making the way to Spider-Man PS4 in any shape and form. Hopefully more than just a costume that the game already has aplenty. Considering that the Spider-Man PS4 developer Insomniac only wrapped up a season of downloadable content, called "The City Never Sleeps", consisting of three episodes, it hopes that Spider-Man PS4 gets more of the same treatment . For its part, however, Marvel was extremely vague with what to expect.

"Something" Fantastic "comes to Marvel's Spider-Man really soon," suggested Ryan Penagos, Marvel's New Media Vice President and Creative Executive as the live stream concluded. No details were given as to whether it would be history-based DLC or costumes.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Spider-Man PS4 sold 9 million copies worldwide from September 9, 2018 to November 25, 2018 across both disk and digital downloads. With so many playing the game, something more significant than a new suit would make sense. Here's hoping Sony, Marvel and Insomniac agree.

According to Sony, Spider-Man PS4 has sold 3.3 million units in its first three-day release. But Spider-Man's appeal on the PS4 seems to have ensured that the Spider-Man eclipses: Homecoming opens weekend earnings at the box office according to a recent report. This is staggering for Sony when considering that God of War, another PS4 exclusive, sold 3.1 million units in its first three days this year. Spider-Man PS4 is now the fastest-selling PS4 game ever.

"While Sony did not provide an official number, with a $ 59.99 retail price for the game, they translate 3.3 million copies to around $ 198 million, and crush $ 117 million into the opening weekend cash register for the latest solo Spider-Man movie , Spider-Man: Homecoming, "according to USA Today.

In terms of pre-order, Spider-Man hit PS4 a million, which is another record for Sony. Keep in mind that the sale of the Spider-Man PS4 includes Spider-Man PS4 and PS4 Pro bundles as well. And while the company did not say how many of these consoles were sold, increasing revenue would increase the value of $ 198 million even higher.

"Our expectations are always set at the highest levels," said Stephen Turvey, PlayStation Global Senior Vice President Sales and Head of North America Business Operations, USA Today. "It's met and exceeded all expectations. I believe the company and campus and our fans are super proud of it."

The sales evaluation for Spider-Man is not just limited to markets like the US either. It has sold incredibly well in India, despite Sony India's pre-order bonuses and Spider-Man PS4 Special Edition being canceled after the game's release without explanation. Several gaming stores talking to Gadgets 360 have confirmed that they will sell, as well as God of War, and some even claim they are unable to rebuild the game in time to meet demand.

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