"Spider-Man Far from Home": The first images of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mystery are filtered [FOTOS]

adminDecember 29, 2018

The arrival of the trailer "Spider-Man: Far from Home"It has fascinated fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe." On social networks, a surprise arose for the audience followed by arachnid completely. The first pictures circulate there Jake Gyllenhaal in the character of Mysterio, who will be ally of Spider-Man.

In the filtered images you can see the sign with a very faithful armor that looks in the comics, but with some metallic details on the chest. In addition, the glass helmet that does not characterize it shines.

This is the first movie adaptation of the character, which became very popular in the animated series published in the 90s.

In addition, an illustration of Jake Gyllenhaal characterized as the character of a magazine containing exclusive material from Marvel.

According to the people who have been able to enjoy the trailer at Comic Con Brasil 2018, Mysterio will be ally of Spider-Man in this movie and not the villain, as it happens in comics and other adaptations.

The film will be released during the second half of 2019 and still has its audience waiting for their first progress.

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