SPEAKER from Antena 1. The head was not resistant. The announcement was made by CAPATOS itself

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The fans of the "Xtra Night Show" show from Antena 1 received a sad news from the first edition of the new season: Dorian Popa leaves the team, B1 says.

Dorian Popa joined the show in the 22nd season, but the overloaded program put him in a hood so he had to give up the quality of the co-supplier. Dorian has so many concerts that he would have missed some Xtra Night Show evenings. Therefore, he preferred to leave the project.

But Dorian Popa's fans have no reason to be sad because Dan Capatos has also announced that the artist will have a weekly project at Antena 1.

"We start season 23 with a little change. Dorian went out to say … And I thank him for the help he gave us and for everything he did last year. Dorian at least, I'm not talking on behalf of the two other colleagues and friends, he brought me something that the 45+ years are looking for, and I can no longer find him, the joy of youth, joy of 30 years, cheering life and optimism, for me I have worked with Dorian rejuvenated me a few years, and I thank him for that, he will always remain in my heart, in our hearts. Unfortunately, the program prevents success, concerts, that he does not continue a daily project here, you will see him in a weekly project here at Antena 1, because he stays in our family, personally I think we meet again. Just healthy to be, "was the announcement from Dan Capatos on the Xtra Night Show, according to the specified source.

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