SPARK with canceled: Day 4 The Raleigh 2018 festival is off

adminOctober 21, 2018

The weather has once again interfered with the Raleigh SPARKcon festival.

The four-day festival, originally scheduled during Hurricane Florence and rescheduled for this weekend, had three days before Saturday's strong winds during the night forced the organizers to disconnect Sunday's festivities.

Sunday was scheduled for music, fashion, yoga, street painting, visual arts, vendors, CircusSPARK and a "word game."

In a press release sent shortly after 5 a.m. On Sunday, the SPARKcon organizers said the wind rose around 1 am and threw tents, supplies and equipment down the street. "For your safety and ours, we are calling a truce with Mother Nature and we cancel the fourth day of SPARK with XIII."

The statement also indicated that the organizers would be looking for a "wonderfully protected place" for next year.

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