Sorun You tell the Black Sea eniz and problems "

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Although it was published in the middle of the season, the first series of Atv Karads Eniz You Tell The Black Sea series, which has been deceptive, experienced an New Year's program, crisis that many of you know.

Irem Helvacioglu breath that gives life to the character of the series, released in TV 8 "O Audio Turkey Christmas Special" E participates in and sang a song. However, this performance could not reach the screens. Because the publisher channel and manufacturer Osman Exam did not allow it. One channel and one of the manufacturer's most important trump cards, another channel in the Christmas program about using the Christmas program, is not so much criticized. I wish this situation would have been resolved before the shooting. Irem Helvacıoğlu & # 39; nun later left the series of rumors was thrown. That would be a problem. It was unthinkable that an experienced producer such as Osman Sınav would "burn ship Osman. The problem is solved for now. The series enthusiast will continue to see his breath again in a few weeks.

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