Sophia Vegas: Baby Name Revealed!

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Sophia Vegas, 31, awaits her first child. The TV star had already betrayed the fact that it was a daughter. Now, the blonde also talked about how you should still have an unborn baby.

This fancy name carries Sophias Vegas daughter

For a few weeks, Sophia Vegas allows her first daughter Hold your arms. Together with her partner Daniel Charlier, she can hardly wait to take care of the little one. What was missing so far a name for the babyBut she betrayed it now RTL,

Already in December, the 31-year-old spoke about the potential name of his little daughter. At that time, Amanda, Ariana and Amelie were their favorites. Now it's finally.

Our girl wants Amanda Jacqueline Charlier hot,

announced Busenwunder in an interview with.

Sophia Vegas explains her choice of name

Both first names have one for the expectant parents special importanceSophia continued.

Amanda has the meaning "worthy love" [liebensw├╝rdig], It expresses our feelings,

as soon as the mother. And the middle name? The couple also voted for a good reason: Jacqueline is the second name of Daniel Chalier's mother. This had the request to mention her grandson after her: "It was her greatest desire and I am happy to fulfill him"So the TV star. After all, her husband Daniel is her "greatest gift in life" for her.

Will Sophia Vegas Marry Once?

The 31-year-old does not explain why her daughter wants the surname Charlier. Sophia is the bourgeois Hildebrand surname, she and Daniel Charlier are not yet married. Either it's another Wedding planned or the last name should match the sound of the two first names.

The fact that the couple is currently quite happy and looking forward to the child also shows it on Instagram. On a picture of ex-wife of the former brothel operator Bert Wollersheim she is pregnant in a dense glittering dress. Daniel keeps his loved one and his belly tightly interwoven.

2019 will be the best year in our lives,

blonde writing under the picture.

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