Sophia Thomalla – Why Loris Karius fits into her swap arrangement

adminDecember 29, 2018

At the end of the year, the relationship turns the carousel again with celebrities. Initially, the surprising news of the separation of Schlager's drunkard Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen shoot for Christmas's harmony. When Christmas Eve was already in full view of the gift, Heidi Klum presented his latest gift: They proudly showed that their Instagram followers had their engagement ring with their friend Tom Kaulitz.

Sophia Thomalla via Instagram

And now, Sophia Thomalla comes with an Insta story around the corner, containing two messages that make the heart of all gossip-related beats faster: She posted in the social network, a picture of the German goalkeeper Loris Karius and gave it with a heart, A post as the 29-year-old seems to make her familiar with her athlete. And at the same time shows that their relationship with British singer Gavin Rossdale has ended.

Provided Thomalla is serious about expressing his love – which is not always the case in her case – the message is a real hit. For the actress's daughter, Simone Thomalla and Gwen Stefani's ex-husband seemed to fit perfectly together. After all, Rossdale was not the first musician in the presenter's life. She was involved with Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann for several years. In 2016 Thomalla was shortly married to Norwegian musician Andy LaPlegua. When last year's first joint images appeared, showing the German model and the Bush singer, it seemed consistent: she just got into musicians.

Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius: It could fit

In the beginning, Loris Karius seems like a break with the change pattern. But on closer inspection, the 25-year-old professional football player, who is currently at goal at Beşiktaş in Istanbul, is at least as good. Because Karius attaches itself as a rock star. On Instagram, he often presents his naked torso. And shortly after the finely tuned Champions League final, which he significantly agreed on with two mistakes, Karius was not too bad to post a video recording by photographer Paul Ripke, where he was swimming, playing half naked table tennis and through the Hollywood Hills jogs. In addition, he is heavily tattooed – in this regard he would be an appropriate counterpart to Sophia Thomalla.

In addition, the preference of the keeper in the family seems to lie: mother Simone Thomalla has been happy for some years with handball goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter. Why should daughter Simone not even change and pick a Keeper?

Model? Actor? Rockerbraut ?: Who is ... Sophia Thomalla?

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