Sophia Thomalla kisses Loris Karius

adminDecember 29, 2018

Sophia Thomalla and American rocker Gavin Rossdale have apparently split up: The actor was photographed as he smoked with German goalkeeper Loris Karius.

The love carousel around Sophia Thomalla (29) continues to be cheerful. The actor divorced "picture" after one year's relationship with the American music Gavin Rossdale (53). For a long time Thomalla did not care for the Bush front man: she was photographed in Miami with a passionate smooch with the German goalkeeper Loris Karius (25). Previously, the couple were spotted shopping in Istanbul.

Thomalla is already posting pictures of little hearts

The presenter will not hide her new love luck – Thomalla proudly posts a picture of Karius on Instagram and marks it with a heart. The relationship with Rossdale never confirmed the German beauty, but was always known and in love with the public with the ex-husband of Gwen Stefani (49). Just in November, Rossdale and Thomalla first joined a Los Angeles gala and put their arms in arms for the photographers.

While actress is already turtling with a new one and doesn't seem to care for the American rocker, Gavin Rossdale is sought after on Instagram. "Insomnia and nonsense," he writes in a selfie.

Thomalla is known for her turbulent love life: together with Rammstein frontman To Lindemann (55) from 2011 to 2015, she was together. In 2016, she married the Norwegian singer Andy LaPlegua (43) in the United States. In 2017, she announced divorce from him. (KAD)

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