Sophia Thomalla: Is Loris Karius her new friend?

adminDecember 29, 2018

Updated December 29, 2018, 14:46

The relationship between Sophia Thomalla and Gavin Rossdale has never been officially confirmed. That 29-year-old now shows, but with a completely different man on her side, so surprised.

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Whether Sophia Thomalla at the turn of the year has again played "wood change"? Actually, the model is said to have a relationship with the American music Gavin Rossdale.

What happens between Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius?

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The man she has shown now has instead made a name for the football field.

What happens to Loris Karius?

On Saturday morning, Thomalla surprised with an unexpected picture in her Instagram story. The German football professor Loris Karius in black and white, as well as his link profile and a shining heart.

At the same time, international news sites such as "Daily Mail" and "TMZ" presented pictures of the two who torture themselves on the beach in Miami – including kisses!

And also the newspaper "Bild" reports on regular hours in Istanbul. Karius, who made a name for himself as Liverpool's blunder goalkeeper during this year's Champions League final, is currently borrowed as a borrower for Beşiktaş.

What do the men say?

While Thomalla warms up the rumor mill with its history and many Instagram photos of the 25-year-old, the kicker is still covered.

Even Gavin Rossdale, who had participated in a gala in Los Angeles at the beginning of November, is still holding the photos of Sophia on the Instagram page. (COS)
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