Sophia Thomalla: Her items are tattooed with tattoo

adminDecember 27, 2018

Updated December 27, 2018, 16:18

In 2016, Sophia Thomalla married Andy LaPlegua, and a year later the marriage story was again. For both, the love carousel has long since struck. Because Andy LaPlegua is going to let the last memories of his ex-wife disappear – and send a message to her with a sweep of the page.

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Sophia Thomalla is currently working with Gwen Stefani's former husband Gavin Rossdale. Her marriage to the Norwegian singer Andy LaPlegua, which failed in 2017, seems to be just a pale memory. But her former husband was reminded every day with a look in the mirror of love. His love was under his skin then: The now 43-year-old tattooed a "Sophia" letter on his chest.

Snake replaces "Sophia"

From this love statue, "Front of Icon of Coil" has now been adopted, as he reveals Instagram. A picture shows what adorns the place instead of the letter: a two-headed snake. He adds Hastag # snakeeatsnake (translated: snake eating snake). The message couldn't be clearer: Sophia Thomalla is definitely history. Especially the new lady in LaPlega's life supported the visit in the tattoo study: With the model Liv Blankenship he celebrated recent engagement. (JOM)
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In the celebrity world there are couples who fit well together. In these relationships, one wants love to last forever. But unfortunately the reality is often different – and again, the drunks are no longer there.

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