Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius: That's what Gavin Rossdale says about Sophias Neuem

adminDecember 31, 2018

Los Angeles –

It's all between Sophia Thomalla (29) and Gavin Rossdale (53), the moderator recently confirmed that the cause of her error was unknown.

Sophia Thomalla even has a new goalkeeper Loris Karius (25) from Besiktas Istanbul (read more here).

One thing is clear: Sophia turns again on the cloud nine. But how does Gavin go after the breakup?

Gavin Rossdale: "Love is all that matters"

At first glance, the music removes the separation and the new one from its exwell. He even follows Loris on Instagram and likes his pictures.

Attentive observers, but wondering if this is all shame. Because in the 53-year-old in his Instagram story, he recently posted pictures of a wedding where he was a guest.

For a picture of the wedding rings, he wrote "Love is all that matters", meaning "love is all that matters".

Sad Selfie by Gavin Rossdale

Picture from iOS (1)

Gavin Rossdale was at the wedding of friends. He is single.

For another snapshot of the bride and groom, Gavin writes: "Two married – one not" and "My dear, I'm so happy for you." So he feels better now?

Because shortly before Christmas, Gavin had only written a picture of himself in the story, as he had written "Insomnia and fuckery" (in English: "insomnia and absolute shit").

Couldn't the music sleep because of Sophia? He just knows that. But maybe it will be uphill again, and the 53-year-old may soon be involved again in a new woman.


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