Sophia Thomalla and her year 2018

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Sophia Thomalla did not disappoint her fans in 2018 and pleased her with many easy-to-follow photos on Instagram. But also good feelings and (k) a Helene Fischer tattoo led to touch. A trip back to a turbulent twelve months.

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Sophia Tomalla: Tears and alcohol at the beginning of the year

The year started with many tears for Sophia Thomalla. The reason? The German national handball team was eliminated in the European Championship semifinals. Keeper Silvio Heinevetter has been dating since 2009 with his mother Simone Thomalla. No wonder then that Sophia reaches alcohol in despair …

The case with Helene Fischer …

In late January, Thomalla is in a game mood and promises to get a Helene-Fischer Tattoo. One prerequisite is 200,000 Likes for their mail, of 500,000, it should even be a regular picture of Helene and Florian.

Finally, when the actor likes almost 320,000. But the fans are still waiting for the tattoo …

Haters will hate

In February, the actor sends an easy-to-read vacation photo to her fans. But the many naked skin is not good with everything …

So Thomalla decides on an unsexy variant and posted the same image, just dressed.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Since October 2017, the 29-year-old is already romantically involved with the musician Gavin Rossdale. The relationship keeps both out of the audience as much as possible. But in February, ex-husband of Gwen Stefani adds a sweet loving selfie and comments on the image with the words "My Love".

The former Hannelore from Friedrichswalde

With this ten-year snapshot, Sophia Verona congratulates Pooth on her 50th birthday in April. And make it fun with her previous appearance: "While I looked like Hannelore from Friedrichswalde for 18 years, Verona hasn't changed that far," writes Thomalla about the post.

Coachella? Which coachella?

California Glitter Festival is definitely not for Sophia Thomalla. They prefer to party at Rock am Ring … and start training already in May.

The naked truth

If she otherwise appears styled rather on the Instagram profile, the actor presents in the summer without makeup.

Thomalla also has the correct saying: "I do not see in vain as gloomy as others want it."

New TV show

From 11 September to 16 October, she is in front of the camera for the racing format "Devils Race". As always lightly dressed …

Declaration of love for her Gavin

Sophia Thomalla in lingerie. Actually nothing unusual, but her commentary on the picture is: "Hey you, I love you". A statement of love to friend Gavin Rossdale? And if …

… he responds directly and puts this black and white picture from the old days on his own. "Love you more," is his answer.

Is Gavin at Thomalla or Gwen Stefani?

On Halloween, Thomalla provokes, as she enters this outfit as her Halloween costume.

Unmistakably she wants to portray Gwen Stefanie this year, ex-wife of her friend Gavin Rossdale. After a blast storm, no photo follows the dressed suit.

Bambi? No thanks

Just before the end of the year, Thomalla loses the media prize of the year – and instead of relaxing at Bambi, he prefers to relax in the underwear on the sofa.

Thomalla Angers football player

And just before the turn of the year there is another love for Sophia.

They get in touch with each other: Sophia Thomalla and Loris Karius are now photographed smooching on the beach in Miami.

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Sophia Thomalla turns 28 – celebrating with the most beautiful images showing her incredible transformation to It Girl.

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