Sophia Thomalla: After the divorce: SO simply expects her ex Andy LaPlegua with her

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Sophia Thomalla was just a few months married to Andy LaPlegua.
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Love comes under the skin of some couples. Many a celebrity had his name or the face of his loved one tattooed. Then Florian Sil got the resemblance to now ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer. But unlike painting, love does not usually last forever. And what do you do with art then? Sophia Thomalla lets her ex to Lindemann continue on her skin. Your ex-husband, but think otherwise.

Andy LaPlegua settles for tattoo with Sophia Thomalla

In 2016 Sophia Thomalla married rocket completely unexpectedly Andy LaPlegua, The music tattooed the name of his loved one on his chest. An error as it turned out after a few months. Already in 2017 the marriage was divorced. Meanwhile, LaPlegua has found a new love. However, the word "Sophia" was still on his chest. Now he let it go through. And the message he expresses is likely to sit.

"Serpent eats Sophia!"

The 43-year-old replaced Sophia's name with a double-headed hose. On Instagram he wrote about his new tattoo: "#snakeeatsnake" (in German: "Schlange eats snake").

You can't see the Instagram image? So along here.

You cannot express clearly what he thinks of his former wife. Fans of rocker still find the tattoo succeeded. "Snake eats Sophia," a fan says. "Some chapters in life should be closed better," another fan writes about the photo on Instagram. What does Sophia Thomalla say about the tattoo?

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