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adminNovember 22, 2018

Sony Pictures is betting two important dates in 2020 for its share of the Marvel pie, the Spider-Man universe.

A Sony-Marvel untitled project will hit theaters on July 10, 2020, with an untitled Sony-Marvel sequel on October 2.

While no specific details were provided in the study announcement, the July project is likely to be "Morbius," starring Jared Leto. The character is another villain of the Spidey canon, which will be directed by the director of "Safe House", Daniel Espinosa. Morbius appeared for the first time in the comic "The Amazing Spider-Man" of 1971, as a scientist looking for a cure for a blood disease. Things do not go according to plan, and the doctor ends up with vampiric features and thirst for blood.

That project should come with great anticipation, given how well it went to the studio playing another villain Spider-Man on Venom. Speaking of the symbiote, the second date is presumably for "Venom 2", which will see Tom Hardy return as a gruff journalist who shares a body with an alien interested in invading the planet.

Sony opened the first "Venom", directed by Ruben Fleischer, in the same period of time this year with great success: the film was launched at $ 80 million on its way to a gross domestic life of $ 210 million. It has earned nearly $ 570 million worldwide and, until Wednesday, accumulated $ 215 million in China alone in just 12 days of publication.

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