Sony Pictures presents two Mystery MARVEL films in 2020 and one of them is, almost certainly, VENOM 2

adminNovember 21, 2018

Sony Pictures announced today that they will release the movie "Untitled Sony / Marvel" in 10/7/20 and "Untitled Sony / Marvel Sequel" in 02/10/20. Seeing that we will not get another Spiderman By the year 2020, you do not need to be Reed Richards to realize that the latter is Poison 2 – especially because the first installment has far exceeded expectations at the box office.

As for the other movie, that's more likely Morbius: the living vampire starring Jared Leto, as it is confirmed that production will begin in 2019 with Daniel Espinosa in the lead.

One of the best summer slots like that seems like an odd choice for what most fans have assumed to be a horror movie, but Leto is a big name and the studio will probably take it the route of success anyway. . As for Black silver, that obviously is not happening now and the solo outings that revolve around the two heroes are probably a few years away.

With only Black Widow Y The eternal coming from Marvel Studios in 2020 and nothing of Fox after the fusion with Disney, it is good to have at least two more superhero films to add to the list. Warner Bros. will launch Birds of prey But beyond that, their plans are not 100% clear.

To see the best easter eggs Poison,
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John Jameson

During the opening of the film, we learn that astronaut John Jameson died on a mission and that is obviously a reference to both. Amazing Spider-Man # 1 And the episode of the 90 animated. Spiderman TV show – "The Alien Costume, Part 1" – which saw him return from space with the alien symbiote on his toe. It seems appropriate that in a world without a Spiderman to save him, John ends up dying.

"Ron Lim Herbal"

Near the end of the movie, look closely and you will see a sign of "Ron Lim Herbal". What does that mean? Well, Ron Lim is an artist who has worked on many Poison comic books, including the plot of the "Lethal Protector" of which this film takes at least some inspiration. Obviously there are many writers and artists that this movie could have mentioned, but Ruben Fleischer is clearly a big fan.

The love of poison to chocolate

You may think that Venom tells Eddie that he is wishing that chocolate is no more than a random line to laugh at, actually there was a whole plot dedicated to the love for the symbiote for chocolate in the 90s. Eating chocolate meant that Eddie he could stop Venom from wanting brains because both the human brain and the candy include chemical phenethylamine, that's why he's willing to do it here.

The Daily Globe

There is no mention of The Daily Bugle in Poison But we do learn that some kind of incident in New York City led Eddie Brock to be fired from The Daily Globe. In the comics, that was the journal the journalist wrote when Spider-Man fired him after capturing the real Sin-Eater even though Eddie published a story in which he claimed to have found the serial killer and granted him an interview .

The cure for cancer

At one point, it is mentioned that Carlton Drake might be planning to use symbiotes to cure cancer. This is undoubtedly a reference to both Ultimate Universe where the alien was actually a man made creation to cure the disease and the fact that the use of the symbiote ultimately has the cancer of Eddie Brock. There is even talk of the symbionts that drain the adrenal glands, another nod to comics.

The weights of Eddie Brock

Tom Hardy looks a lot like Eddie Brock in the comics, but we do not see much of him hitting the weights and increasing in volume to become as powerful as possible for his inevitable confrontation with Spider-Man. However, when these Life Foundation thugs arrive at Eddie's apartment to try to stop him, the symbiote picks up his weights and uses them as a weapon.


Perhaps in the best scene of the film, Ann Weying ends up becoming She-Venom for a brief spell when she needs to transport the symbiote to Eddie Brock. During that sequence, she eats some brains and pulls out many boys, but by the time the movie is over, she is clearly losing the bond with the alien. However, this is a great deviation from the source material, since it finally took his life.

Poison is a loser

Venom admits that on his home planet, he is also a loser and, although that has been ridiculed by many critics, it makes sense because this was also the case in the story of David Michel's "Planet of the Symbiotes." It was during this that we learned that the symbionts were parasites and while their alien companions wanted to conquer planets, Venom wanted symbiosis that led him to be ridiculed / imprisoned.

Stan Lee's cameo

The humor in Poison It's a bit unpredictable, but one of the funniest moments comes right at the end of the movie. After the symbiote tells Eddie he's going to help him get Ann back, they run into Stan Lee, who tells them not to give up. Venom's reaction is priceless when he asks Eddie: "Who was that guy?" Lee's appearance is a pleasant surprise, especially because he did not really create Venom.

Roland Treece

In PoisonRoland Treece is tasked with taking Eddie Brock to Carlton Drake and is the head of security for the Life Foundation. While not very similar to his comics counterpart, Roland is taken directly from the source material and was actually the leading villain in Poison: Lethal protector. However, he was a businessman and was never face to face with Venom.

Butcher shop

The half-credit scene in the film shows Eddie Brock visiting serial killer Cletus Kasidy for an interview that authorities expect the psychopath to reveal the location of the bodies of his victims. Cletus (who has written "Welcome Eddie" with his own blood) promises that there will be "carnage" when he escapes and this is obviously setting the stage for him to become Carnage in the sequel.

Eddie's hunger

Shortly after being linked to the symbiote, Eddie finds himself furiously hungry and gets stuck with the remains of a chicken and even a little tater frozen before vomiting. Eventually, he eats a live lobster and while none of this happens in the comics, Poison: Hunger He showed that Eddie ate anything he could get his hands on, but he hated it because what he really craved was the brain.

Donna diego

During the course of Poison, Riot jumps from host to host in an incredibly tedious secondary plot that takes up a lot of screen time. Eventually, she finds her way to Carlton Drake, but the Life Foundation employee who owns the symbiote at the beginning of the movie is actually Donna Diego. In the comics, she was one of the people tested by the Life Foundation and finally became the villain Scream.

Tootsie and Belvedere

There are a couple of pretty strange references in Poison, including Eddie Brock, who said he could write under a pseudonym and pretend to be a woman like Dustin Hoffman did in the 1982 film Tootsie. Ann Weying's cat, meanwhile, is called Sir. Belveder, a nod to the comedy of the 1980s that lasted five seasons. Pretty random references that do not match what Deadpool offers.

The powers of Carlton Drake

In the comics, Carlton Drake is also the leader of the Life Foundation and uses the company to try to cure his cancer. In reality, it is never linked to a symbiote, but is responsible for creating the offspring with which Venom and Spider-Man have to fight later. However, at one point he won superpowers in the source material, but that came after he injected himself with Spidey's blood.


Poison It's a light on references to the world of Spider-Man that, well, it's not a big surprise considering the fact that it does not exist in this world. However, when Ann Weying realizes that sounds can harm Venom, she refers to them as "Kryptonite" of the symbiote. You do not need us to tell you that this is a reference to Superman, who is clearly a fictional character in the universe that Eddie Brock calls home.

Eddie Brock helps the homeless

In what is clearly an attempt to separate Venom from Spider-Man, the film takes place in San Francisco. There is, of course, a precedent for that in the source material, since Eddie Brock left the Big Apple in the comics and chose to fight crime on the other side of the United States. During that time, Eddie often defended the homeless and homeless, so being friendly with them here makes a lot of sense.

Venom: Carnage Unleashed # 3

In a nod to the comics, Riot at one point rips off the Venom mask that seems to cause Eddie a lot of pain. This has to be a reference to Carnage Unleashed # 3, a comic that saw Carnage do the same with his beloved father. However, in terms of visual elements extracted from the source material, this is pretty much everything we get Poison which is obviously something of a shame.

Riot Is Carnage

It is strange that Carnage is present in the middle ofcredits Scene because we practically see it in action throughout this movie, courtesy of Riot. Create spikes, turn your hands into axes and basically show all the skills that Carnage has in comics. That does not leave Sony with much of what they can do with the villain symbiote we will not have seen here.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

PoisonThe second scene of after credits puts the focus on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Starting with "Meanwhile, in another Spider-Verse," we can see Miles Morales in Peter Parker's grave before he confronts … Peter Parker. Hitting the tracker on the wall, what follows is a fun chase sequence through Brooklyn that ends with the two superheroes eliminated on the street.

Did you see any poisonous Easter eggs that we got lost? What did you think about the references and cameos of the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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