Sony has given two new release dates for Spider-Man Spinoffs

adminNovember 21, 2018

Although Marvel and Sony are in collusion when it comes to presenting Spider-Man at Marvel Cinematic Universe, this latest studio also has its own Spider-characters secondary franchise disconnected from what's going on with Tom Holland's version of Web-Slinger. . Poison it opened on October 5 and is still killing at the box office, and after having seen the financial success of the symbiote anti-hero movie, Sony has come out ahead and has come out with two of these Spider-verse movies for 2020 .

According to Variety, a "project without title of Sony-Marvel" will be launched on July 10, 2020, and a "Sony-Marvel sequel without title" will follow on October 2 of the same year. Although neither of these two movies has a name, it is easy to guess which ones are probably. The first date is probably reserved for Morbidity, the next split of Spider-Man in the file, while virtually guaranteed that the sequel will be Poison 2. However, until Sony reveals more information, we can not say with absolute certainty that these are the two films on the way.

Morbidity It was announced around this time last year, and like its comic counterpart, the self-titled protagonist, played by Jared Leto, will be a scientist who, while searching for a cure for his rare blood disease, accidentally turns into a "vampire alive". What it includes is to win a thirst for blood. Morbius is a particularly tragic character and, like Venom, has been described more as an antihero instead of a super villain.

No specific details of the plot about the Morbidity The film has already been revealed, but last month, producer Avi Arad declared that he will begin filming in February 2019. Assuming that that is still the plan, that would leave a lot of time for Morbidity ready for July of 2020. With Morbius being the second great protagonist in being presented to the Sony Spider-Man-less franchise, there is much in his film that makes it attractive for people who do not follow the comics and strengthen this New universe film.

As for Poison 2It is not surprising that Sony has decided to go ahead with this sequel. While Poison It has received many negative reviews from the critics, which has undermined its commercial performance in the least. Not only has he performed well during his domestic career, but he has also been a great international success, particularly in China, where he obtained a total of 10 days of $ 187 million. At present Poison It amounts to more than $ 780 million worldwide, and with figures like that, a sequel is inevitable.

Poison He also took the liberty of laying the foundations for Poison in his mid-credit scene, as superhero movies usually do now. Eddie Brock, after defeating Riot and establishing a good relationship with the Venom symbiote, traveled to the San Quentin prison to interview the serial killer Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson. By declaring that when he escapes, "there will be a carnage," Cletus of Harrelson essentially assured the fans that the next time we see him in Poison 2He will have his own symbiote and take the fight to Eddie.

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