Son of Florin Busuioc, important decision on New Year's Eve!

adminDecember 31, 2018

His son Florin Busuioc has made an important decision at the end of 2018, a difficult year for his father who suffered a heart attack shortly after completing his number at a theater stage in Craiova. The young man announced his friends, but also those who follow social networks, that he resigned his position recently. The post was re-created in the new year. More than a week ago, Florin Busuioc's father made disturbing confessions about the unfortunate incident as he lived in October.

The boy's first marriage of the presenter made an exciting conversation last month. "My message would be to let my father rest and stand beside him, he needs quiet and I insist until we see him well in front of the cameras and on the stage does not return earlier. It would have been good not once … Otherwise, I want him all the best and faster recovery! ", says Florin Busuioc Junior, according to a statement

Son of Florin Busuioc, important New Year's Eve decision

Florin Busuioc Junior completed as a nurse from the hospital in Târgu Mureş. He revealed to Facebook that he is now working on a ceramic tile and sanitation company in the city. Busus's son loves music, and his old job did not allow him to deal more with his passion. Shortly after Busu infected, the boy sent a message. "I found out in the morning, from my mother. I'm very sorry. I want him a quick recovery", Florin Busuioc Jr. for

Former wife of Florin Busuioc and his son

Florin Busuioc – biography

Florin Busuioc was born on May 19, 1962 in Hunedoara. He has grown up here, but also in the village of imoimăreşti, Neamţ county. The charismatic artist is known as a television man rather than an actor. All this is the dream of becoming an actor who led him to Bucharest. "Busu", as it is known to the public, made its television debut in 1996, and in 2010 it was nominated as the best weather forecaster by the European Society of Meteorology.

"We started on TVR with a children's show," Tip-Top Minitop ", which I came to make a movie for TVR, a clever story with a cat escaped through a hotel. Please, it was very nice movie. The producers of Tip-Top Minitop have noticed me and have suggested doing so. It took a few years for the show, we also made a parallel program, including there, on TVR, also for children. The show continued after I left. ", told the TV presenter

Currently, Florin Busuioc is in the second marriage. He has been married for many years to Liliana, with whom he has two daughters: Natalie and Catinca. His first wife, Marieta Busuioc, who joined him from 1991 to 2008, gave her a boy. This is called Florin Busuioc Jr.

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