Sole survivors from the seventeen group reject their girlfriend

adminDecember 27, 2018

Lara Press | agencies.- On Saturday, December 22, a tsunami struck the Indonesian island of Java and again as a result hundreds of deceased people.

The natural phenomenon caused death to almost all members of the seventeen pop group. Only one member was aliveAnd in addition to losing his teammates, he also lost his girlfriend.

Riefian Fajarsyah He was the only one who survived after the tsunami broke into a show that seventeen offered in the open air.

Through a video posted on the Internet, you can see the exact moment when the giant wave ends with the platform and makes its way through the crowd.

Monday after the disaster the singer used his Instagram account to apologize to his former partners for not attending the funeral, and explained that he was looking for his girlfriend, Dylan Sahara.

The next day, after the discovery of the Sahara body, the only member of seventeen now shared a video that played the actor's coffin.

To follow the painful cliff Fajarsyah wrote: "How can I live without you, Dylan Sahara?" and thanked his successors for the support.

Photo with permission for Infobae

Photo with permission for Infobae

"Thank you friends for your prayers. Only God can reward your goodness. Please pray for my wife, Dylan to be at peace," he said.

Sahara was a well-known local television actress, daughter of an influential politician.

Informative source: Digital Caraota.

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