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Thursday 29 November

Books – Fatima Adel:

"She sold the engagement ring and rode in Ploosha Kochi", in this sentence, "Mahmud" called his divorce, requiring divorce from his wife Rasha, 28 years old, before the family court at the fifth session.

"Four years ago, Rasha married a love story that lasted for one year until she came to her engagement. The parents agreed and did not pass much and the wedding was agreed and we moved to live together in a marital home "said the plaintiff who had number 4319 for 2018.

The 31-year-old added that they lived together in a marital happiness that no-one expected. "Strange in her personality, it is that by handling all people with a good heart and a white heart, I was surprised to hear that she seems to love and give me what she wants.

"I've lived with her and all I do is meet her demands, even in the happiest moments of her life, but her actions have made others call her Rasha al-Ubaytah."

Mahmoud continued: "My wife gave up the iron to get a kilo of butter from a street vendor and repeated the item more than once and gave up many things in the house to meet her wishes until it was possible to sell the bear to buy the Kochi neighbor.

The man pointed out that he had contravened Rasha because of her infinite actions "she beat her after selling the bear to buy shoes." He continued: "I went to his father and his needs, except that I received, and made a statement against me because of breaking his daughter's legs."

Rasha's father did not follow the man's ground, attempted to reunite the family again, rejected the idea of ​​divorce in an amicable way, and was determined to leave Mahmud's house until a decision was issued on the edited record against him. Divorce before family reunion by collecting and still waiting.

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