Sofia Vergara returns by the novel of the embryos she has with her ex

adminDecember 27, 2018

According to TMZ, the Colombian is now attempting to end the legal battle by proving that her ex-boyfriend does not live in Plaquemines Parish, an area of ​​the former state of the United States, where her request for custody of frozen embryos could be valid.

Sofia now asks the judges to claim from Loeb documents that she actually lives in Louisiana, since her husband has never shown receipts from stores, a bank account in the area or anything else confirming that she is living there. .

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According to the media specializing in celebrities, Vergara believes that the only purpose of Nick is to get revenge because she left him and destroy the marriage with actor Joe Manganiello.

Sofia's ideas would also be based on the fact that she was a father in October last year with another woman, reports El País de España, which would mean that it is not because of the experience of obesity that she does, but because of a simple quarrel of bothering the star in American television.

The legal battle of ex-partner began four years ago.

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