Sofia from Sweden: Your bag poses it: This shopping trip was quite expensive

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Generous break! Princess Sofia has a few days rest in the hot Florida with her husband Carl Philip. In Miami Beach, the beautiful Swede goes on a shopping trip and her yield was not exactly cheap.

Family visit and dream vacation in one: Princess Sofia (34) and Prince Carl Philip (39) have packed their sweet sons and escaped the Swedish winter. The destination of the trip is Sunshine State Florida, where also Princess Madeleine (36) has found her new adopted home. But despite the whole family, Sofia also finds quiet moments for a little break. The beautiful swimmer now left the children with the nanny and made the many shops in Miami Beach unsafe. After the fertile shopping trip, the princess met two big fans in the middle of the street.

The 10-year-old Emma traded with her friend Wilma and, surprisingly, met her idol in Miami. Ready that the two asked for a souvenir photo. Of course, the princess does not say no and stands with her young Swedes. Only her bag obviously tried to hide Sofia behind her. If it was because of their expensive content? Where Sofia acted, we tell you in the video above.

Holidays with the whole family?

Until yesterday's Wednesday (January 8) was in addition to the Prince and King Carl Gustaf (72) and Queen Silvia (74) in Florida with daughter Madeleine. However, the monarch and his wife had to go already, because the royal calendar is planning a lot of work and some public agreements for them.

But before leaving, the couple made another trip with son Carl Philip and daughter-in-law Sofia. The four-in-hand team participated in a polo match and obviously enjoyed the time on the sidelines. Especially the royal ladies seemed to be fine. The photos of the family event you can see in the video below:

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