SOC on television. Who was caught in Pat Mihaela Radulescu?

adminDecember 30, 2018

Although the marriage between Bogdan Rădulescu and Mihaela was two years, the former man revealed some shocking things about Mihaela Rădulescu.

Bogdan Rădulescu said that Mihaela Rădulescu cheated him with a colleague from a sports dance group from the Student Culture House. It was also the moment when the problems started between the two, saw Mihaela very late at home and began to miss nights in a row.

"He had been friends with Brânduşa Novac. She started the sports dance band at Studentens Kulturhus. Since then, the real problems have begun. She was late at home, then the night began to be missed. I went over to the rehearsals, to understand what happened. I didn't like Mihaela's entourage at all. I told her she shouldn't go, but she shouldn't pay attention to me. "

Confirmation of betrayal came when Bogdan caught her in front of the accomplished fact that he found her in bed with the dancer.

"I had more and more signals to hide something. Then, unfortunately, I had the confirmation. When I got home one day, I unexpectedly found her in bed with a dancer, Laurentiu, a colleague with her band," he says.

On another occasion, Bogdan Rădulescu managed to break the foot and Mihaela Rădulescu, and she came to the hospital.

"I had a German dog, which I cared about and cared for as a book. Mihaela one day insisted that I also give him a ride. He brought him in a couple of hours, but the dog was agitated, which I had never seen "I asked her what made him confuse him like this, and she gave no explanation, she started laughing. We discussed, I was horrified. I got into the car with the idea of ​​walking around town to cool down "She, in order to make me strange, got in the way of me. I threatened her that if she didn't get out of the way, I would count it. He seemed angry. When I started the engine, I set foot in front of the car. An unconscious gesture … I didn't have time to stop and I broke my leg, "Bogdan Rădulescu confirmed.

Mihaela and Bogdan Radulescu married in 1989, and the marriage was short-lived.

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