So the jungle campers are manipulated by RTL

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The viewer gets nothing from this! So the campers stay on the ball with "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here", RTL should pull out all the stops.

With the phrase "I am a star – get me out of here", the prominent candidates can leave the jungle. During the squadrons, so many participants shouted the words because they no longer had any power for the jungle experiences. According to the "picture" it happened even more often than you could see on TV. RTL then convinced the candidates to stay. The transmitter uses a trick.

So in the camp there is always a psychologist on site, who will take care of the soul of the jungle dwellers. His duties also include keeping residents in the camp, which can contribute to something in the program, according to RTL. He will often find the right words, after all, the psychologist knows the candidates well. Before the trip to Australia, he speaks to all participants. In addition, the jungle residents fill a psychological test with 140 questions in advance.

In the Jungle Camp at RTL

Disgust dinner with spider snack

The psychologist should not be under medical confidentiality – the answers are therefore all RTL. Transmitter comments: “With such demanding television production, the candidate's well-being comes first. Therefore, medical and psychological examinations are a prerequisite for participation. If necessary, during the season, we can ensure that the stars are adequate for the jungle in all respects. "

Fake Australian spies for RTL

In addition to targeted care by the psychologist, RTL should also resort to dirty tricks to get the details of the candidates. Then a security woman in the hotel, where the candidates were placed in the run-up to the film, has been issued as an Australian who does not speak a single German word. The candidates should then have talked in their earsaw about informal about everything that was possible. But RTL staff should not come from Sydney, but from Krefeld (D). Even with the "image" reporter, the security winner only took English.

The broadcasters themselves are also going to do some convincing work – on the jungle network. It is not – as faked on TV presenter Daniel Hartwich (40) at the other end, but a producer. He should give the celebrities "tips and suggestions" on how to make them more interesting or the secrets they should blow out around the campfire. But RTL describes these conversations much less dramatically: "When celebrities played with the idea of ​​leaving the camp, there were discussions about how this crisis could be overcome."

Red wine against crises

In one season, the jungle net should also have had a different function. The candidates gave her the nickname "potions," after a celebrity had seen as one of his other candidates more than mood came out of the house again. "She got a bottle of wine and emptied!", Reveals the anonymous participant. After threatening the broadcaster to make it public, he also received wine every day. So you get safe in the jungle. (Klm)

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