So now, Danni Büchner spends New Year's Eve

adminDecember 31, 2018

Frank and Elke Fussbroich had met Büchners in the RTL show "The Summer House of the Stars". Since then, the families are friends. "We liked Jens and Daniela from the beginning, and there is still a strange feeling of being alone with Danni, we still can't believe Jens is no longer there," Fussbroichs said.

They want to stay with Danni and the children in Mallorca until Tuesday and then fly back to Germany. A party was not planned. "We don't want to celebrate big, it's more like a collection to remind Danni," continued Elke Fussbroich.

Büchner left a large patchwork family with eight children. His two daughters Jenny and Jessica come from their first marriage, from another relationship was born son Leon. Daniela took three children in the relationship. Together they now got two-year-old twins Diego Armani and Jenna Soraya.

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