So, Meghan Markle's family discussion is over now, right?

adminOctober 19, 2018

For a moment it seemed as if the royal family had collectively thrown their hands in the air.

No recourse to stop. Meghan MarklePope Thomas MarkleSince they gave interviews to the press, they struggled with the best way to handle the situation. And when your daughter, Samantha Markle, he got involved with his searches on Twitter and his endless comments, well, they really seemed to be lost.

Abandoning their demands and reaching an agreement meant that she would immediately transmit the conversation to the closest means of communication. And keeping her famous rigid upper lip and just waiting for the story to unfold, well, that does not seem to work as well as Samantha shows, emboldened by Buckingham Palace, then Kensington, where Meghan shares a cozy two-bedroom house with new husband Prince Harry, to facilitate in some way a meeting with his long-distance sister.

However, the royalty seemed determined to stay calm and continue and all that.

Because it turns out that they knew something we did not know: a baby changes everything. Nothing softens the heart of a possible grandfather to know that they will be dads again, that they can stop asking the only question they have been harassing the newlyweds practically since they returned from their honeymoon. And apparently it works also in the aunts. Because, suddenly, Samantha had a totally new perspective on the family dispute that she had experienced last year with enthusiasm.

Meghan was not a cold-hearted "DUCHASS", who had almost frozen Markle's side of the family since stepping into Kensington Palace. No no no. She was simply waiting for the right moment to make peace with her old father, for example, perhaps when she had real news to share and they could talk about nursery designs and deliver plans. And Cruella de Vil? That was badly placed. Actually, it is more similar to the protagonist of the film, a woman desperate to protect her family at all costs.

"It must make everything that happened last year disappear," Samantha told the British newspaper. Sun, shortly after the news became public. "I want Meghan to be happy, calm and have peace, everyone should be positive."

Thomas, above all, has reason to feel peppy. Because if this was his first test, he passed it splendidly. According to SunWhile Meghan did not call the 74-year-old retired lighting manager to let the newcomer in, they let him know before the announcement was made public.

Which means he had at least a brief window of time where he was aware of one of the biggest headlines in the world and saved everything for himself. While that in itself is not the greatest achievement, it is a marked difference from a few months ago when Meghan feared that any communication she might have with her father would end up as a starter in TMZ. Now the man who once threatened not to be silenced, who simply refused to remain silent, has done just that. He has not given a single interview since August, when he unfortunately compared the royal family to a cult. And if he had any intention of reviving his love affair with the British press, now is a time when they will surely be ready to listen.

So … small steps, if you want.

Yes SunThe report is true, Thomas' new reticence can be attributed to his desire to truly be a present grandfather for the future Baby Sussex. Naturally, "absolutely enchanted," as one of them reveals, he already boasted of how good his daughter will be. (Which, of course, she will.) She is a proven adept with lovely children and if she gives birth to a little lady, she already has a fantastic welcome gift prepared).

At the same time, you can fantasize about, say, Sundays in Kensington Gardens with your future grandchild. "Thomas sees this as an opportunity to solve the problems between him, Meghan and Harry," the informant tells the newspaper. "He is desperate to be there for his grandson and wants to play an active role in his life."

And despite everything she's said about letting her problems go and moving on, Samantha is just as desperate for that to happen.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Trying everything possible not to get caught by the fact that his father was not mentioned in any of the press releases sent by the palace ("I hope, for the sake of the baby, the family, the world and my father" she left it out of the statement was not intentional, "she already has floating ideas for a possible reconciliation summit." I hope my dad is included and at the right time, "he said. Sun before adding, in a somewhat disturbing way, "if he is excluded, I will not be happy, it's the best thing for the baby to include my dad".

By the way he sees it, his father should expect an express invitation to tea at Nottingham Cottage between now and next spring. "At the right time, there should be a session in which everyone can address this correctly," he said. What, deserves to be pointed out, is not so different from what she was demanding before, when she insisted strongly enough that Meghan called Thomas and "bowed down to the father." Except that now your small meeting will have a secondary focus. "Everything has to resolve on its own," he explained. "I want to allow Meg and Harry to bring my dad in due time, because they should."

What, how magnanimous of her.

Actually, he explained, in an interview days later with DailyMailTVIt's not just about your father's desire to play a role. She is also looking for the future Lord or Lady. "I really want him to be part of the baby's life because my dad is very funny, he was very funny with us when we were kids, so I think the baby would miss out on not being able to meet grandpa and I know he has a big heart and he wants to be involved. "

She also raised her own theory of why Meghan has been ignoring her plaintive pleas, although it has nothing to do with her repeated insults or the fact that half-brothers were never so close to begin with. Maybe, she reasoned, the duchess was struggling a lot, trying to handle the changes that come with pregnancy, without ignoring the fact that everything is different with the eyes of the world trained in its middle section in search of the most imperceptible. hits

"I was not happy with the way they were treating my father," he said. Sun in one of his biggest underestimates to date. "But, you know, we're also seeing now that a lot of things happened, there may have been a lot of stress."

Fortunately, now that they have revealed their little secret, Meghan and Harry have overcome the stressful part of their pregnancy. All that remains to be done is to grow a human in a healthy way while the whole world observes and prepares for fatherhood, knowing that at any moment half of the population will surely disagree with their decisions.

In the few days since Meghan confirmed that, yes, she hopes that she has already received enough gifts to fill a daycare and more than a few suggestions on how to call the arrival of spring. "We have received a long list of names from everyone," Meghan told a group of children during a tram ride in Melbourne on Thursday. "Let's sit down and have a look."

While the couple is filtered through all the useful tips, suggestions and recommendations of not so subtle names (cough, Diana, cough, cough), Samantha insists that they will not hear from her. With the exception of the greeting card you plan to send and any questions about when your tête-à-tête with Thomas is expected to take place.

As the mother of three children, who said she was so excited to hear the news that she jumped for joy in her wheelchair, she said: DailyMailTV"I think everyone just needs to join and realize that this is really important and special for Meg, for Harry, for the child, for all of us, and we have to stop the fight. family and everyone has to be on the same page, I want that for the child, but I also want it for Meg. "

To that end, he officially apologizes for "the tension, the confusion, the misunderstandings and the past nonsense that I said when I did not understand what was happening," and promised that all future tweets would be of the complementary variety. .

"A baby is amazing," he pointed to the exit. "You can not say anything negative, you can not feel anything negative, it's just a beautiful and amazing thing, so my reaction was to ruin all this and everything that's been said."

And he is commanding others to "put aside their egos" and follow their example. "Everyone just needs to keep quiet," he insisted, "and that this is a great thing for them, for the world, for the family and that's where I am."

We hope you are prepared to follow your own advice.

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