So little realistic is the SRF series

adminJanuary 7, 2019

On Tuesday, the last season of "Undertaker" starts on Swiss television. The series has given interest to the unusual profession. However, she does not have much in common with the right undertaker's everyday life, one says who needs to know.

Chiara Zgraggen

Rolf Arnold from Lucerne Arnold's funeral home and son working on a coffin. (Photos Dominik Wunderli / Lucerne, December 19, 2018)

Rolf Arnold from Lucerne Arnold's funeral home and son working on a coffin. (Photos Dominik Wunderli / Lucerne, December 19, 2018)

On a meadow stands a dark, meter-long car, flanked by two tall fir trees. In the suitcase sits a middle-aged man. His head is gracefully gray hair, the headline is trimmed. While his legs are doubling from the radio to the music, and the view sweeps over the landscape, he bites into the cheese bread with flavor. The connoisseur is immediately ready: This is Mike Müller in the role of SRF-Bestatters Luc Conrad.

"This scene from the meal break is already a bit removed".

This says Rolf Arnold, co-owner of Arnold and son Funeral Company in Lucerne, and twice afterwards:

"Although a funeral director like Mike Muller goes everywhere with hearse, it doesn't happen."

So unthinkable that you see Arnold's elevator parked in front of Migros? "Yes." Just barely a response from the 51-year-olds. During the conversation, it quickly becomes clear that this man used to speak calmly and extensively. For example, he gives lectures on urns or consultations for several minutes. To come to the conclusion that the latter part of his job at SRF-Undertaker is actually not clear. "It's not that exciting for the public," he adds with a smile.

Look into the magazine for the company Arnold.

Look into the magazine for the company Arnold.

Stressful moments when children die

But this profession is not always ridiculous. "In tragic deaths such as suicide and accident or even if children die, you can't turn off in the evening," says Rolf Arnold. Such moments are difficult for a mortar. This will also be reflected in the series. For example, collaborator Luc Conrads, Fabio Testi (played by Reto Stalder) after parents whose baby was born dead in the first season of the series.As Rolf Arnold says, it is satisfactory to be able to follow such people and make a worthy farewell possible.

But the quirky character Fabio Testi leaves the "real" Undertaker Rolf Arnold surprised:

"Such an internal would not be very convenient."

Arnold responds to the appearance of Testis: Pale skin color, black-framed eyes, always dark clothing. Also other scenes are a bit hooked according to Rolf Arnold. Then he points to a scene where the ashes of a convicted truck driver from a bridge on the highway are scattered.

"Although the spread of ash is generally permitted in Switzerland, this situation would obviously be illegal."

Undertaker Arnold concludes that the whole series is fictional rather than near the "real" Undertaker's life. Why does he still see the show? "In the beginning it was pure Gwunder, but the excitement behind it is always very exciting."

Rolf Arnold shows the funeral car.

Rolf Arnold shows the funeral car.

So the SRF mortar does not have much in common with a real one. What does a real undertaker do? "A undertaker organizes everything from the storage to the funeral," the expert explains. In addition, he is one of the first contact points in the event of death and coordinates transitions, cremations, deaths or flower arrangements.

People are interested in their job

Rolf Arnold has worked in the family business for 12 years, his brother even 30 years. New acquaintances would cut when he talked about his work. "But I'm more interested in questions than resistance." This can be attributed to the SRF series. As a result, many Swiss have become acquainted with the job of undertaker. Although this is slightly distorted by the SRF. "The series has significantly increased interest in the funeral home," says Rolf Arnold.

Rolf Arnold shows a hermetic urn.

Rolf Arnold shows a hermetic urn.

"The Undertaker" comes on SRF1 weekly from January 8th at 20.05. The release of the last episode is February 12.

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