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adminJanuary 8, 2019

The film directed by Susanne Bier, published by Netflix, revealed the appearance of the creatures that the population did not dare look at.

Actor Sandra Bullock in one of the most dramatic scenes in the movie "Bird Box". Regards Netflix

Birdbox (Blind) It does not stop surprising its fans with new stories. The film directed by Susanne Bierand published by Netflix, has revealed the appearance of creatures that the population did not dare look at, and has taught the audience the faces of these scary characters. (Read: Netflix does not prompt users to perform the dangerous challenge based on the movie & # 39; Bird Box & # 39;)

Sandra Bullock She plays Malorie, a woman with two children who must live with her eyes covered and avoid all eye contact with strange beings whose simple vision involves some death.

Some creatures that are not going to be shown at any time in the movie but now discover their face thanks to social networks. Also read: Netflix announces the prizes in January 2019

One of the designers' characterization of the characters, Andy Bergholtz, has shown the B side of a movie as the one starring Bullock, with the whole process of elaborating and designing the characterization of the darkest characters in the world. Bird Box. "You have to remember that the mortal vision that each character saw is very different for each one (it will be understood when you see the movie.) This makeup appeared in a" dream / nightmare sequence "with Sandra Bullock", comments Bergholtz on his Instagram account. (Read: Sandra Bullock: "Bird Box" is a metaphor of what it means to be a mother ")

"Given their pregnancy and emotional arc through the film, the producers felt that Sandra's nightmare would have to do with a twisted, demonic creature attacking her." The characteristic layer for Bird Box It has been included with some joke descriptions taken in the press by the creatures that co-star in the movie.

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