Snubs, Feuds and fashion: what to see at the wedding of Princess Eugenia

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The weather will not be so sunny, the crowds will not be so abundant and the procession of carriages will be much shorter. But do not think for a moment that Princess Eugenia The wedding is going to be a non-event compared to Prince Harry Y From Meghan Markle Ceremony of May 19. In fact, for attendees, this wedding can be even more fun than the first royal marriage round of the year.

Among the 850 guests, 250 more than Harry and Meghan invited, there will be a nominal vote of royalty members along with a lot of celebrities. Among those expected to attend are George Y Amal Clooney, Randy Gerber Y Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Robbie Williams (whose daughter is also a maid of honor), and Ellie Goulding

Many of the famous guests, who will be bused to Windsor on Friday morning, booked rooms at the nearby Cliveden House hotel, where Meghan spent the night before her wedding. Unlike Harry and Meghan's wedding, which was a one-day affair, the Yorks have planned two days of events. The cost of the parts, which are being paid privately, will reach hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The wedding is scheduled to begin at 11 AM. London time (it is 6 o'clock in the morning in New York) in St. George's Chapel. The members of the royal family will arrive at 10:25 through the Galilee Porch, where they will be received by the Dean of Windsor. Fashion watchers will be looking to see if Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge recycles an outfit, something she usually does at weddings so as not to stage the bride. Meanwhile, Meghan, who returns to the chapel almost five months after her own wedding, will no doubt have a designer outfit for the occasion.

But in the end, all eyes will be on the bride, who will come to the chapel with her father, Prince Andrew Moments before the service begins. "She is super excited and can not wait for everyone to see the dress," said a friend. Vanity Fair Wednesday night "She has kept it in a well kept secret, her sister and her mother know it and that's it, Eugenie wants it to be a complete surprise".

All eyes will also be on Eugenie's wedding feast; She has chosen six bridesmaids and two pagers, including Prince George Y Princess Charlotte Who will accompany her down the hall.

Members of the royal family who do not participate in the wedding will arrive in reverse order of precedence, with the Queen Arriving just before the bride at 10:52. After the service, which will be led by the Dean of Windsor, David Conner, The newlyweds will take a procession of carriages through the city of Windsor before heading to St. George's Hall for a champagne reception hosted by the Queen and Prince Andrew. The processional route is much shorter than that taken by Harry and Meghan and will not incorporate the Long Walk. However, it will be an opportunity for the couple to recognize the crowd that will have gathered in the historic city for the occasion.

After that, the most formal wedding will be held on Friday night at the York family's home, Royal Lodge in Windsor. Both Prince Andrew and Eugenie's mother, Sarah Ferguson, They have been very involved in the planning of the party, which is expected to arrive until the first hours. A second themed event of the festival is scheduled for Saturday.

With rumors of failures, slights and cracks, Windsor will not be short on glamor or drama tomorrow. Stretcher the Duchess of Cornwall will not attend due to previous commitments in Inverness; It has also emerged that he is organizing a private shooting party over the weekend. Meanwhile, there is still uncertainty about whether Prince Felipe He will attend the wedding. According to a friend of the family, she is close to Eugenie, but, according to Palace's advisors, she will decide the morning of the wedding, depending on her health.

If you attend, the looks you reserve for your ex-daughter-in-law will be priceless. Eugenie and Philip's mother have not been in the same room for almost two decades, and bad blood still lingers after their divorce from Prince Andrew. The real observers will also look for signs of tension between Andrew and Charles, They are known to not always see eye to eye.

Real gossip can only emerge behind closed doors after the party. Will George Clooney enjoy another turn on the dance floor with Kate? Will Robbie Williams sing a duet with Ellie Goulding? And will Harry and Meghan leave early before his big tour abroad?

Whatever happens, Vanity Fair We will bring you the latest throughout the day.

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